This is St. Mary’s Basilica in Kraków, Poland. It was built in the early 13th century.

There is a legend about the towers of this basilica. Their is a difference in height of about 85m and the reason being is that long ago two brothers were in competition they both wanted to build the highest tower. The eldest finished building his tower first and went to look at the one his brother was building. He was surprised to see that his younger brother’s tower had a larger base than his which meant he would have a higher tower. Blinded by jealousy the eldest killed his brother with a dagger before he could finish construction. The dagger is now hanging in town to remind people that jealousy is bad.

There is another legend about this church. In the 13th century a trumpeter was in the tower looking out for any sign of danger. One night the trumpeter sees a horde of Mongolians afar and starts warning the city by play his trumpet (as he should) but while he was doing that he got shot by a mongolian arrow and dies before he finishes playing but he saves the city by his act of bravery. From then on the a trumpeter plays the tune ( hejnał )every hour of every day to commemorate his bravery. The noon-time hejnał is broadcasted live by the Polish national Radio 1 Station across Poland.