(via Riverside cottage close to the weir by Brian | Flickr)

Before Karla Homolka became one half of the infamous murder pair, the Ken and Barbie Killers, she was an avid reader of true crime, not always on her free time. While she worked at Martindale Clinic in St. Catharines, veterinarian Patti Weir recalled that every Thursday Karla would go to the library and return with a bag full of books, which she would keep under her desk. The books always contained themes of sex, abuse, and death, including such titles as the well-known Ann Rule novel about Ted Bundy, The Stranger Beside Me, and Dying to Get Married: The Courtship and Murder of Julie Miller Bulloch by Ellen Harris, detailing a woman’s relationship with a sadistic man who ultimately killed her. The other memorable title was Bret Easton Ellis’ popular and controversial novel American Psycho. Karla made sure everyone else knew of the books’ gruesome content, as well by enthusiastically reading the most graphic passages aloud to her female coworkers.