Dog Breeds as HP House: Hufflepuff

Defining Qualities: Hard Working - Patient - Trustworthy - Loyal - Kind - Friendly - Accepting 

The kind of companion that will never leave you behind and always put you first. 

In Order: Beagle, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Corgi, Boxer, Pitbull, Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Newfoundland, Samoyed, and St. Bernard. 


Alright, Tumblr. I could really use your help here! I know how much we all love animals and justice, so here goes. My friend took her dog for a car ride, and while she quickly stopped in the Home Depot someone broke into her car and stole her dog. This happened in Milwaukee, and I know that not everyone on tumblr is near here or close, but if you could help me get the message out it would mean the world to my friend.


Weight Pulling

  • Weight pulling is a sport that dogs and their owners can get involved in for fun, and exercise.
  • The most important quality of any dog who pulls, is willingness.
  • Dog must also be at least 1 year old, but no older than 12, to prevent injury.
  • Any size dog can participate! Toy Poodles are great contenders.
  • Dogs must be fit with a proper, comfortable, weight pull harness.
  • The objective of a competition is to see which dogs (within their weight class) can pull the most weight 16 feet within one minute.
  • The weight vehicles operate either on wheels, on snow or on a rail system.
  • All breeds (even mixed) may compete. Most common are the malamutes, huskies, rottweilers and pit bulls.
  • Any abuse toward your dog will disqualify you, and you are asked to leave. Any situations deemed dangerous for the dog will be corrected, or the dog will be disqualified. You cannot coerce your dog to pull. It is up to his willingness and just between you and him.
  • The dog pulling the most weight in its class is declared the winner.
  • There are many different associations that handle these events. All are built around the safety of the dogs.
  1. International Weight Pull Association
  2. United Kennel Club
  3. American Pulling Alliance
  4. National Working Dog Association

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Just hanging out with 1000 of my very best friends in the woods. 999 Saint Bernards and one baby. That’s how I roll.