st. patrick's day

St Patrick's Replacements

St Patrick’s Replacements

St. Patrick was a foreigner who came to Ireland to tell everyone to live in moderation and not have sex. That is every possible opposite of St. Patrick’s Day. We couldn’t have a worse patron saint if we’d picked a prohibitionist. With our history of Vikings and invasion, choosing a bossy foreigner as our patron saint speaks more of historical Stockholm syndrome than it does of devotion.


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St. Patrick knew all about human trafficking

St. Patrick knew all about human trafficking

Green beer sales mark the globalized celebration of St. Patrick’s Day and for many who are only Irish once a year little more is thought of.   But it may be time for St. Patrick’s Day to become an occasion of global awareness for something more than the taste of Guinness, namely the problem of human trafficking.

Patrick was only 16 when he was seized by human traffickers.  Removed from his family…

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The 5 Worst St. Patrick's Day Products

The 5 Worst St. Patrick’s Day Products

St. Patrick’s Day is Christmas without the obligations: an excuse for an entire day of indulgence, but you get to spend it with whoever you like, and the gift-giving is reduced to its simplest and most perfect essence. Because buying each other drinks is always welcome, always fun, and an easy and even exchange.

Of course there’s more than just beer. There’s also whiskey. But there isn’t enough…

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Get Your Irish On!

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Top 20 Biggest Drinking Hip-Hop Songs For St. Patrick’s Day

Boston's St. Patrick's Day Parade Lifts Homosexual Ban

Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade Lifts Homosexual Ban

Two homosexual rights groups will march in Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade on Sunday after organizers lifted a longtime ban on lesbian, gay and transgender (LGBT) organizations joining the annual Irish-American march. (more…)

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St. Patrick's Day Poem for Secret Pals

St. Patrick’s Day Poem for Secret Pals

Image: iClipart

Here’s a great gift idea for a secret pal who is female: offer her green and pink nail polish, package it in a clever way, and attach this little St. Patrick’s Day poem:

Here’s some polish

In green and rose

To paint your fingers

And decorate your toes

Your nails they glitters

Your nails they glows

When you file them often

Your beauty shows

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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4 Cocktails to Make for St. Patrick's Day

4 Cocktails to Make for St. Patrick’s Day:

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here. Time to ditch the green beer and shots and enjoy some Irish whiskey cocktails. I’ve got 2 classics for you to try as well as 2 variations that I think you’ll really love.

The Classics:

The first is a classic cocktail dating back to the 1920s, appropriately named Irish Cocktail. Combining Irish whiskey with curaçao, absinthe, maraschino and Angostura bitters,…

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You Meet The Nicest People At Johnny's

You Meet The Nicest People At Johnny’s

We first met Jeff when he darted across the bar toward us as the band was singing California Dreamin ‘ and yelled, “Your table definitely win the audience singalong award!”  I smiled and high-fived him, then he ran back to his group of friends. Lyn and jesse just shook their heads and laughed. Some people in my life wonder why I travel to Johnny’s whenever I can to see The Earthtones.  It’s not…

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St. Patrick's Day Parade 2015

St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2015

We took Arianna to her first St. Patrick’s Day parade this year. We met up with JoJo and Mimi for the Kingston St. Patrick’s Day parade. It was pretty cold outside with the wind, but Arianna kept up her good spirits and stayed with us the whole time. It kinda helped once she found out they throw candy. It was fun watching her dance as the bagpipes went by. Hopefully it will be nicer next year!…

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Veel gezocht op Leprechaun Seks tijdens St. Patrick's Day

Veel gezocht op Leprechaun Seks tijdens St. Patrick’s Day #stpatricksday #leprechaun #seks #pornhub #zoekwoorden

Afgelopen dinsdag is het weer St. Patricks Day geweest en dan ligt Ierland plat omdat de alcohol rijkelijk gevloeid heeft. Iedereen verkleed zich in het groen, vaak heel erg sexy, en het volksfeest kan losbarsten. Overigens niet overal. want sommige vrouwen bleven gewoon thuis om daar met z’n tweeën feest te vieren.


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