st. valentine's day gift

What is the gift exchange;

A bonus event for WLW Valentine’s Week celebrating the gift giving nature of ST. Valentine’s Day. Submit a request involving your favorite ladies, then fill someone else’s request to spread the joy. The gift exchange is no way required to participate in the rest of WLW Valentine’s Week. Likewise, if you want to do the gift exchange but not the rest of the event you can do that as well. Think of it as a carnival in that you can pick and choose what you participate in.

How it works;

First, you send in your wishlist request. Then I take it and post it on the wishlist. After a certain date (see final section) I will stop taking wishlist requests and they will be open for claiming. Take on a request by sending in the number next to the request via ask/submit/IM and I will mark the request as taken (although I won’t say by whom) to prevent people doubling up on requests and leaving someone else’s request unfilled.

After all requests are claimed (and there is a deadline for this) then you are expected to start working on the request. I will do one check in, and then you are expected to post the request on or before the 17th of February. Tag it with the event tags and put the request number in the description so the person who requested it knows it’s for them.

If you put something on the wishlist then you have to fulfill someone else’s request–no exceptions. You can make multiple requests but then you have to fulfill that same amount of other requests (the max is 3).When you send in your request you must be off anon so that I can contact you in the future. All requests must follow event rules. When filling a request be considerate of what the person has asked you not to include.

If at any time you cannot complete the request by the 17th tell me so that I can find someone else to take on the request.

How to enter;

send in your wishlist request via ask/submit/IM please follow this format


Description of OC if applicable:

Media type (fanfic, fanart, etc):

Short summary of what you would like:

Triggers and/or things that make you uncomfortable:

Important dates;

December 5th 2017; wishlist requests closed. claiming requests begins

January 5th 2018; claiming requests closed

January 30th 2018; progress check in

February 17th 2018; requests posted


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