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Why is it when ever I find a good show ,the writers try to kill me feels?: Gotham Spoilers edition

Where to start?

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Let’s start with Ed, I’m divide between 

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Because I still don’t trust Kristen , but, I want Ed to be happy just like I want to trust this fella

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Cause I’m pretty sure this guy

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needs all the hugs after this episode

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because of this bastard (who has moved from my shit list to painful death list)

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and to this bitch, cause as I’ve said before no one fucks with adorably off characters (espeically if they are played by Karol Kane)on my watch bitches

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Oh and he got dumped by Jim for Barnes

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And on top of that , I still think he was just pushing Jim away so he wouldn’t get hurt so over all this is me

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Because of the writers ( exchange feels for writers and make the ball the feels)

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I mean If you haven’t realized I’m a both a Huge Doctor and Sherlock fan which means I have to deal with this sadistic genius 

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But, at least he gave us a grace period , not these bitches 

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And the icing on the cake , flaunting this annoying bitch’s continuing existence 

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OH and Alfred , no punch no punch Selena, get you shit together 

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And don’t care what the plan is for Silver but, she’s adorable 

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And I’m done 

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  • Bruce & Selina will be such a cute couple when it happens. I love David & Camren's chemistry. And their team work to bring Silver down, and then he said what he whispered in Silver's ear & was talking about Selina the whole time. Just awe. I love those two. And they're both amazing actors.🙈💞
SO FUCKING DONE :GOTHAM EDITION (warning spoilers and you guessed it swears)

So first of all both me an my mum totally called Gertrude being killed and FUCKITY FUCK FUCK FUCKING FUCK we were we pissed

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Oh and every time I see Tabitha, Silver or Barbra open their mouths

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And Butch , you got really screwed over so 

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At least I got to see my Zazzles 

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And poor baby Ed, he’s gone official nutterbutters

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Oh brief moment of happiness of the march of the Penguins

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Then poor Ozzie bear drives off alone into the sunset

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And finish it all up with a preview of a Barbra heavy episode

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After spending the majority of her night tossing and turning, Hannah concluded that sleep simply wasn’t happening tonight. Her mind was too caught up on the conversation she’d had with Theo. When a few hours passed, she decided to face the problem head on, and talk to Theo herself. Climbing out of bed, hair a mess and still in her pajamas, she made her way over to his room, knocking several times before pushing the door open and going to his bed side. “Theo,” she shook him lightly. “Are you awake?” @theorcc