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First Harbin entry…some snowy and otherwise things I saw while wandering about the city

  • 1st four pictures are from Sun Island Park…a bit expensive at $40 but really big and nice to walk around if you have a few hours…it’s also one of the few snow/ice festival things that is great to do during the day and I thought some of the sculptures here were even more incredible than at Snow and Ice World!  Just don’t wander off the main sculpture path too much or you will find yourself in the fourth picture…“Naive Bear Garden”…a kid’s park that looks terrifying in its abandoned winter state
  • Pic 5 was Michael Jackson found on Central Street
  • Pic 6 could also be found on Central Street…Hot coke with ginger slices…I passed by it for 4 days and then finally tried and loved it
  • Pic 7 免费暖屋 are the characters to look for if you want to warm up your hands when walking anywhere in Harbin ‘cause it means you can go stand and get warm for free without them demanding you buy something…but if you do want to buy something at this one, the menu totally states “roast intestine”, “baked sweet potato” or “popcorn”
  • Pics 8 is from Snow and Ice World when what seemed like a gazillion skaters came zipping down a hill holding Chinese flags and with two more flags on their backs
  • Pic 9 was also from Snow and Ice World and so so adorable because they had these rubber ducks made out of snow and they totally spelled it right as rubber duck on other signs throughout the park but adorably gave up for this sign
  • Pic 10 is St. Sophia Cathedral which was stunning day and night and is a five minute walk from Central Street, Stalin Park or Zhaolin Park

More to post soon!


Through the Years → Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden (49/)

9 July 1999 | Crown Princess Victoria Of Sweden Attends The Wedding Of Princess Alexia Of Greece And Carlos Morales Quintana At The St. Sophia Cathedral In London. (Photo by Julian Parker/UK Press via Getty Images)

November 8th, Feast of the Synaxis of the Archangels Archangels

“This feast has a special meaning; it is the gathering of the humans with the angels, ‘their union, their gathering and standing in fear in front of the Creator.’ Because of the fall of the devil and his angels, this feast is the celebration of the ‘sobriety and unity’ of the rest of the angelic powers who stayed loyal to God.

We celebrate this feast of unity between angels and humans, and this unity is not in the ‘life to come’ at the end of times — it starts in this world: the angels direct and guard the sons of God who are struggling in this world; they are glad with every sinner returning to God; they convey prayers to God’s throne. Hence, there is a common liturgical work between angels and humans. The angels offer a non-stop continuous doxology and mental worship with humans to God.”

~via St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Washington, D.C.

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