st. perpetual

S. Maria de Perpetuo Succursu

The shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in the Redemptorist church of St Mary in Clapham, London.

The icon was sent to London from Rome in the late 19th century and is a true copy of the original venerated in the church of St Alphonsus.

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29 or 38?? and i love it if you make it into masquerade verse!

29.sweat Masquerade-verse :) NSFW

It was that time of year where St Petersburg was perpetually freezing, and Yuuri would hate it if it weren’t for the source of his salvation from the cold. 

Inside their own world, with Victor lighting fire to his skin and kissing heat into his veins, his breath, hot enough to make Yuuri melt as he trailed kisses down his stomach, down over his hips to wrap his lips around Yuuri’s throbbing length.

It was cold as death outside, ice on the windows and sleet on the wind, and Yuuri didn’t feel any of it, because Victor made Yuuri sweat.