st. olga

Things Marco Diaz is comfortable wearing:
-Suits with shoulder pads
-Hoodies as capes & cowls
-A gratuitous amount of makeup

Things Marco has vocally declared that he wants:
- A beard to impress Jackie
-To be a queen
-To be the best at karate

What I want:
-Queen Margo Butterfly, the most shredded and hairiest ruler of Mewni since King River, face of the interdimensional revolution, and proud mother of three

Ok, most you you know ST. Olga it’s one of my favorite episodes from Star vs The Forces of Evil. Because it shows development, Growth and there a hundred of lessons on it (I already mentioned about Marco’s uprising and his friendship with Ponyhead).

I’m watching all again (So I get over the Feels Gravity Falls given me to get the feels of SVTFOE hiatus), and I just noticed this really quick scene:

For those who don’t know the show (or don’t remember), St. Olga School to Wayward Princesses it’s a modeling school to future princess that are out the “profile” to a perfect queen.

The thing is that the school it’s horrible, they teach through torture and endless oppression. Star best friend (Ponyhead) is in there, she and Marco went to rescue her on the princess birthday. Things goes downhill when Marco is captured and Ponyhead still brainwashed. Star has a breakdown when she sees this poster:

She’s furious; They washed away her friend and are about to do the same with Marco. She knows that this is wrongs and there’s nothing she can do. Because of her breakdown while hitting his poster, Ponyhead recovers herself and tear the poster apart, then they go rescue Marco. 

And right after they are leaving, we have this really quick scene.

I never paid attention until I realize that now it says “Embrace your individuality”.

Can you understand how powerful this is? The major public to the show are girls. Girls that are growing up and always being told to be “ladylike” or whatever; and the minor of boys watching are told “this is a girl show” or had to “act like a men.” when they’re just kids, let them be!

This episode on it all says it’s wrong to “reform” who you are to be what people expect from you, to be yourself even if others says it’s wrong. It also shows how people who tries to always fit the “role” suffer from it. Mrs. Heinous brainwash herself on order to keep being what she thinks it’s a role model.

Imagine being 10 years old, not fitting those roles and watching this show that says “It’s ok to be who you are.” This poster says everything a growing up kid (not only girls) needs to hear to be who they are:

“Embrace your individuality”

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wait trans marco is canon??????

Essentially. They haven’t said the word “transgender” and may or may not ever be allowed to, but in yesterday’s episode “Heinous,” Marco is essentially ‘outed’ to her parents as Miss Heinous comes to her house and explains that Princess Marco started an uprising in St. Olga’s, and demands justice. Marco is consistently gendered as female throughout the episode by everyone but her parents, even in the beginning when she’s not in the princess getup (Heinous actually compliments her ‘super cute new haircut.’) 

It’s then confirmed that Marco has been continuing to inspire wayward princesses to resist their oppressors as Princess Marco, and has willfully encouraged and known about this and maintained this persona without her parents’ or Star’s knowledge, and she refers to herself as “Ya girl Marco” happily before being reminded about Heinous’s existence. After the episode ends and everyone is safe, Marco, her family, and Star have a game night, and Marco says something like, “Can I stay in the dress?”

The entire episode is also peppered with coming-out double entendres, where Marco’s parents say things like “Is there anything else we should know?” “I’m not sure we should be mad,” etc., and then afterwards it being implied they were talking about their child inciting the rebellion in St. O’s, and aren’t paying attention to the Princess thing.

Heinous isn’t in the Season 2 finale but still has some cliffhangers related to her plotline so Marco will most likely start being gendered as female in regular, non-St. O’s related episodes after some more plot with her happens in season 3, for now she’s still mostly closeted.

tl;dr Marco has been secretly presenting as female part-time since halfway through Season 1 and is undeniably coded as a closeted trans girl at this point, will almost certainly properly transition over the course of Season 3. 

St. Olga’s: A Quick Analysis

So you’ve probably seen my theory on Marco being a trans girl. In it, I downplayed the important of the episode St. Olga’s so that I wouldn’t lose any people on “they’re trans just because they wear a dress.”

But I want to go more into this episode, specifically, I believe that Princess Marco isn’t meant to be seen as just a boy in a dress but rather a girl amongst all the others in the episode.

Point A: No Boys

They specifically mention that boys are not allowed in St. Olga’s, and given how much goes into all of their other securities, you’d think they would be able to see through Princess Marco’s disguise.

Especially when they capture Marco.

There’s no tension whatsoever from Miss Heinous capturing a Princess that isn’t even supposed to be a Princess, she just treats Marco like any other, going as far as to use she/her pronouns for them.

And it’s never a concern brought up by Marco either.

Marco’s concerned about every other security measure there is in the school. Yet the thought of being found out as a ‘boy’ never once comes to them.

The narriative, at no point, ever acknowledges the fact that Marco’s a “boy” breaking into a “girl’s school”.

And if the message of the episode is meant to be “boys can wear dresses and still be boys”, you’d think that would come up a bit more in the episode.

And then there’s Marco themself:

They refer to themself as female here, and nobody questions it. Not to mention that they ask if they can ‘keep the dress’ in the scene prior, indicating that not everything here is ‘just part of there disguise’ and that there’s some personal feelings mixed in.

Which begs the question:

If a character is sees themself as a girl, is seen by all the other characters as a girl, and is treated by the narriative as a girl, are they not a girl?

Or at the very least, shouldn’t they be viewed as one, at least within the context of this particular episode?

Think about the message of St. Olga’s.

Embrace your individuality. 

It’s all about how there’s no wrong way to be a princess, but since royalty is a very narrow audience in the US, let’s just assume that the actual message is about how there’s no wrong way to be a girl.

Why should Marco be excluded from that message?

The episode never seems them as anything different from all the other Princesses there. Their way of being a girl is just as valid as everybody else’s.

Now reeling it back to the main theory.

The writers very obviously are knowledgable and care about trans issues. We know this from both Fetch, Spider in a Top Hat, and a number of the staff members on twitter.

I believe that this is something they want to happen, and that the main thing really determining whether or not this is going to be a thing is whether Disney would let them do.

Although somebody brought the posibility up to me that, if the show’s staff were not able to have an explictly trans character, they could have it ‘happen symbolically’ in hopes that it would still speak to us.

Given how much more blunt the Season 2 hints are wrt Marco being trans, it’s very likely that Season 1 was produced keeping the fact in mind that they weren’t sure if they were going to be able to do it, so they kept it vague as to not write themselves in a corner.

St. Olga’s happened in Season 1, which was, as stated, back when they were unsure if they were going to be able to do it. Which means that this could have been the “symbolic representation” they were talking about - even though Marco isn’t explictly stated to be trans in this episode, they still ‘become a girl’ and are accepted as one.

just some thoughts on Princess Marco

okay so, we all know she’s trans but like, I just realised it all possibly goes back to her introduction. Her first moments on screen are being introduced as a safe, goody two shoes character who wants to be more dangerous and rebellious. This aspect of her reaches a major point in  St. Olga’s Reform School for Wayward Princesses where she goes full revolutionary, taking it upon herself to start an uprising against the oppressive school.

Marco became the kind of person she wanted to be from the beginning during that episode, her first arc reaching it’s end and evolving into a new one. Her journey to becoming the princess entirely. I feel the St. O’s episode is where she first really considers the fact she might not be a boy.

Sitting here thinking how I can’t believe the most legitimately dramatic and heart wrenching episode of SVTFOE is titled “bon bon the birthday clown”

So as we all know “Heinous” airs on Monday and as those of you who are following the trans Marco theory know Ms. Heinous plays a huge role in this. Anyway from reading the blogs of some of the storyboard artists it is looking extremely unlikely trans Marco will be happening this season but some of the storyboard artists have said they have been pushing for LGBT representation and even if Disney won’t let them openly say in the show Marco is trans, I don’t for a minute believe the theory is dead. But of course after all the hints of this season that means dragging them on to the next when it seemed so likely Marco might just come out this season - well it did to me at least. But anyway, I have a theory of what they might/could do during Heinous, bare in mind this is a THEORY and I am not claiming it to be canon or saying it will definitely happen;

So the episode description for “Heinous” says that Ms. Heinous shows up on Marco’s doorstep and Marco must make amends for the terrible things they have done - cos showing the girls at St. Olga’s they can be individuals is just oh so terrible *sarcasm*.

Anyway, I can kinda imagine Ms. Heinous coming in there and being like “What right did you have to get involved? You aren’t even a REAL girl, let alone a Princess.” Which as anyone who is trans will know that idea we are not “real” women or “real” men can be a really horrible thing to have said to us, even more so for someone who is in the closet. I imagine this could lead Marco to then feel guilty for getting involved, like they were in the wrong and push them further back into the closet adding to this inner turmoil we already know Marco is facing - I’m specifically referencing the dream sequence from “Red Belt”. This inner turmoil being something the crew of Star Vs The Force of Evil could continue to play on into next season until a time that perhaps Disney is finally ready to allow an openly trans character.

Plus I feel that rhetoric of “trans women aren’t REAL women” would suit Ms. Heinous rather well.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my first post and feel free to tell me what you think :)