st. nicks day

It’s St. Patrick’s Day in Zootopia!!! So Nick, Judy (In Vodka Witch mode), @crewefox (That random human in the Irish rugby shirt) @ziegelzeig (the fox with a scarf and a pencil tucked behind his ear) and zI0tty (The arctic fox enjoying a pint) have decided to celebrate the most brilliant day of the year for Irish folk at the Champions pub around the corner from precinct 1! It’s time to guzzle the Guinness, whip out the whiskey and blitz the Bulmers!!!

The amazing, heart felt and absolutely fun piece of art was of course created by the one and only @zigelzeig, I commissioned him to do this in lieu of a chapter illustration this week and he came up with the brilliant idea of turning into a Paddy’s day party so please won’t you come and join the party, doesn’t matter if you come as your zoosona or IRL self, just reblog  and party!!! @fuzzywuzzylittletail @trashasaurusrex @senny74 @cloudyloudy @nekomimiranger @fourthdimension99 @reddoshirousagi06 @judylavernehopps @nick-tracy @bluelightenterprises @blueberrycarrots @cimar-of-turalis-wildehopps @helthehatter @zootopepo @oggzz @ryutolbx @crispyfactor @master-lux @inkstainedandproud @pyrophoricitee @lavernewilde-hopps @if-you-wanna-getout-alive @pedroroll @artf0rlife @somethingcalledafurry @nick-and-judy-daily @alexboehm55144 @thezootopianadict @thezootopianinsider @aureliano276 @blackwing2230 @emgmusic1 and everyone else in the community come and have a drink with us!!!!!!

Part 2 of Nick’s St. Patrick’s day
…She DID warn you, Nick. xP

Part 1:

anonymous asked:

Nick, how do you normally spend Evacuation Day?


Kelly: No, it’s not babe.

Nick: YES IT IS!>

Ty: What’s Evacuation Day?

Nick: YAY!

Kelly: No no no.

Nick: YAY! Evacuation Day is the celebration of the day the British troops finally abandoned Boston during the early parts of the Revolutionary War! See most of Boston was occupied early in the war because back then, it was essentially an island. There was only one land bridge to the city, and the British controlled that bridge, the city, and the harbor. Evacuation Day is March 17th, it’s the day they finally said fuck it and gave up on Boston and got the hell out. In Boston, it was a holiday for a long time, where government workers got the day off and schools were out.

Zane: Is he still high? Is he doing this while high?

Kelly: You should see it when he’s not high, there are usually more … hand gestures.

Zane: Fascinating …

Ty: My boy Irish is a history nerd. He knows EVERYTHING.

Zane: But he’s so stoned …

Nick: It’s not a holiday anymore, because the city decided it had too many days off and it was costing money and shit, but it’s the same day as St. Patrick’s Day so everyone celebrates Evacuation Day whether they know it or not. Usually by getting shitfaced and waking up in the morning with Lucky Charms in their pockets.

Kelly: Don’t you usually work the St. Patrick’s Day parade?

Nick: Yeah, I get paid overtime and it keeps me from getting shitfaced and waking up in the morning with Lucky Charms in my pockets.