st. moses the ethiopian

St. Moses the Ethiopian,

St. Moses the Ethiopian was an early Christian monk who lived in 4th century Egypt.  One day while traveling alone through the desert he was attacked by a heavily armed band of outlaws.  Using only his hands he beat the snot out of the robbers, tied them up, and dragged them back to his monastery.  The robbers would later become his first converts.

Abba Moses replied: ’…In another way, however, it is possible to look upon God, for the manner of contemplating God may be conceived and understood in many ways. God is not only to be known in His blessed and incomprehensible being, for this is something which is reserved for His saints in the age to come. He is also to be known from the grandeur and beauty of His creatures, from His providence which governs the world day by day, from His righteousness and from the wonders which He shows to His saints in each generation. When we reflect on the measurelessness of His power and His unsleeping eye which looks upon the hidden things of the heart and which nothing can escape, we are filled with the deepest awe, marveling at Him and adoring Him. When we consider that He numbers the raindrops, the sand of the sea and the stars of heaven, we are amazed at the grandeur of His nature and His wisdom.’