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Joker x OC - Strictly Business Part 1

Hi guys, so this was a request I was given at the beginning of the week:

Hi there! I have a request if you don’t mind ;) How about Joker got obsessed with a married woman? I’m just dying to see what he’s going to do. I don’t want to limit your imagination, but still a little application… I just see that marriage was more like marriage of convenience in a good way. Maybe this woman and her husband are like business partners too.

There were a few particular they wanted, but that would make this a long post (longer than usual) so I’ll leave it at that!

After beginning to write this I figured it would be better as a 2-3 part piece, and as the Anon didn’t specify if this was suppose to be a oneshot or not I’ve decided to spilt it up (otherwise it would be huge because I’m really bad at writing small pieces of work! haha

Anyway, hope you enjoy it!

Thank you to the Anon for the asking for the request - I hope it’s what you were after - let me know if it’s not and I can try again!


Strictly Business MASTERLIST


I shuffled together the mass of papers that were splayed out over the expanse of my desk, shoving them into a neater pile and tapping them on the flat surface until they were inline, then placed them to the side of me.

I straightened up, hyperextending my back and feeling the ache ring through my muscles – maybe I ought to take up Yoga again – hunching over a desk wasn’t helping my posture or my back.

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Hollywood is your friend and the undead are your family
We’ll take you to the edge, and turn your regret into agony
And I’ll never let you go, cause I know you’ll come back to me
I’m the reason you came here
I’m the American Tragedy
—  Hollywood Undead, “Been To Hell”

Morning sickness. (2)


Good morning Miss, please come in.. i’ll be with you in a minute.


Ugh… i don’t like this.. i don’t like this.. i’m counting to 5.. if she’s not here… 1… 2.. ugh, *grabs purse and stands up* i can’t handle this just now.. i’m not ready.

So how did your consultation go?
Pretty good, she.. run some tests and did a prescription for… you know. Anyway, she thinks it’s stress.
Oh.. stress?.
Okay, well …what a relief. Shall i take you to your meeting m’lady?
Yes, please. *winks*

Where’d you go? Where’s your home?
How’d you end up all alone?
Can you hear me now?
There’s no light, there’s no sound.
Hard to breathe, when you’re underground.
Can you hear me now? Hear me now
—  Hollywood Undead, “Hear Me Now”