st. mark's place


For this year’s pre–Met Gala party, chose the setting of St. Marks Place, a three-block section of New York’s East Village synonymous with head shops, cheap pizza and ramen eateries, and unabashed weirdos. It’s the neighborhood that the cool kids call home, and Saturday night, one of their stomping grounds was transformed from a vintage clothing shop to a post-apocalyptic nightclub. Go inside the party.

Iggy Pop, with silver body paint and glitter, 1971. “Iggy and the Stooges had just done their May 1971 ‘Fun House’ tour show at NYC’s Electric Circus. Iggy came out; my friends and I followed. I had my Mamiya/Sekor 1000 TL and Tri-X! He posed, then hailed a cap uptown. Ig is holding his suede Beatle-style "show” boots, atop the mailbox.” ~ Eric Rudolph, via

Annie Heise (Janet/Elise) filming Episode 4.21 on St. Mark’s Place in the East Village, March 30, 2017 (photo mine). She’s back to blonde again. Looks like Aram, Liz and Samar (and Liz/Samar stunt doubles) will also be filming in the vicinity today. No sign of Red or Ressler 😕They may have multiple locations in the neighborhood given the number of streets they are holding parking on.

anonymous asked:

Hey Cari, you've been to NYC right? I'm going with my friends and we're kind of on a budget and I'm trying to plan a good itinerary so we don't waste our time there. I'm not really sure where to start! Any suggestions?

omggg if you’re down to walk that’s the best way to save some $$$

i used to take this route every saturday:
take the train to chinatown and walk up through little italy/soho (grabbing coffee or something on the way) then sit in washington sq park for a bit (Think Coffee is amazing!) and veer east to hit St Mark’s Place.  Just people watching there is really chill and there’s a cool Japanese bakery called Panya that’s amaaaazing.

From there, slowly walk up to Union Sq (hopefully you’re there on a farmers market day~) I chill there, maybs grab a grilled cheese at Maison de Croque Monsieur then walk up to Madison Sq.  Say hello to the Flat Iron, you can grab shake shack (a little $$ for my taste) if you want or go to Eatly and get gelato (so goood)

then walk up to herald sq, you can shop if you want to OR you can veer a little to the east and hit up koreatown^^ worizip (they spell it weird haha) is a great little korean buffet that you pay by the ounce or you can go in the tiny food court and get some goodies.  I highly suggest going to the cafe called Grace that has hoddeok with ice cream and its just a groovy little place.

After that its up to you! Walk up to bryant park and see the library/grand central. maybe see MoMa tho thats pretty $$$, go a little west and see times square, and end in the park :D 

The Met is great cause entry is donation only so you can just say ‘yo im on a tight budget’ and donate $1 to get in :)

Have fun, NYC is my favorite city on earth!

edit: here is my nyc tag, let me know if you want directions or names of anything^^

edit again: i’d also suggest checking out the highline! and if you have more times really explore the village~ start at west 4th st station and head west!