st. maarten island


Long lines usually mean a restaurant is good, right?

Last night, we were coming back from a drive around the island and pondering what to do for dinner. The windows were down and we heard loud music, which is how we spotted this little roadside shack, Lime Snack. We noticed there were long lines of people waiting to get in, so we stopped to investigate.

Turns out most people were waiting for tables, but as we just wanted take-out, they let us cut the line. A kindly old woman welcomed us in, in French, and showed us a menu, in French. Now, my French is a bit rusty, but I managed to ask what she recommended and she directed us towards the oxtail stew, which both Mutsumi and I love. Sold!

We got what you see above, a take-out container filled with the most luscious, tender oxtail stew, rice & peas, plantains, salad and potato salad… all for ten bucks!

We’ll be making several more stops at the Lime Snack in the coming days to explore their other islands eats… no matter how long the lines are!


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