st. louis eagles

This is a map from The Blaze that shows what NFL team dominates your region by county. This map shows America says fuck the New York Jets because they didn’t win even one county.

The signs as NHL teams

Aries: Detroit Red Wings

Taurus: Vancouver Canucks

Gemini: Buffalo Sabres

Cancer: New York Islanders

Leo: Florida Panthers

Virgo: Colorado Avalanche

Libra: Anaheim Ducks

Scorpio: Toronto Maple Leafs

Sagittarius: Boston Bruins

Capricorn: St. Louis Eagles

Aquarius: Chicago Blackhawks

Pisces: Pittsburgh Penguins


NFL’s Top Free Agent Wide Receivers: 

  • Randall Cobb ( Just Signed a 4 year deal to stay a Packer)
  • Torrey Smith 
  • Jeremy Maclin
  • Michael Crabtree
  • Cecil Shorts 
  • Kenny Britt 
  • Hakeem Nicks 
  • Denarius Moore  
  • Brian Hartline
  • Eddie Royal
  • Ted Ginn 
  • Reggie Wayne