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captain nolan stevens on his path to college hockey“i got to see some schools and kind of see what college is all about and i kind of just fell in love with the atmosphere.”

The above image shows the matriculation sheet for Homer Willard Davis, a 1900 graduate of Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Although the St. Louis Medical College became affiliated with Washington University in 1891, the original name was commonly used when referring to the university’s medical school for several years after. With the exception of the diplomas issued to medical students, which were clearly marked “Washington University,” many day-to-day materials such as business cards, letterhead, course schedules and school advertisements continued to use St. Louis Medical College branding until the early 1900s.  

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Hi! So I have just started to learn Norwegian and I could t find many resources that were easy to use and made sense to me. So I was just wondering what resources you use? And if you have any tips for learning Norwegian? Thank you so much!

Hi! Well, I’m Norwegian so I’m not exactly learning Norwegian, but I did some research for you and this is what I found.

Dictionaries Is a Norwegian-English (and vice versa) dictionary. is a digital dictionary. I don’t know how useful this is as it is in Norwegian though. is a German-Norwegian Norwegian-German dictionary is another dictionary; this site was made for minority students in Norway. Therefore it has the translations in languages such as Persian, Arabian, Dari, Kurdish, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Tagalog, and others. 

Listening this is a site where you can listen to Norwegians from all over Norway’s recordings of a story called Nordavinden og sola. You can familiarize yourself with different Norwegian dialects or just practice listening. Norwegian radio. You can listen to whatever is currently getting streamed in Norway at some of the channels. once you’ve made an account and signed in, you can listen to authentic audio recordings of text books. And you can also do other lessons here. (If you do make an account I suggest you go to 

Games is a grammatical game made by students for students learning Norwegian. It has the explanations for the games written in English. here you memorise greetings, numbers, colours, et cetera and you have to click the correct English translation.

Pen pals you can find Norwegian pen pals here; if you’re willing to teach them some of your own native language as well. (I’m not sure but I don’t think it works if your native language is English, I’m afraid.) 

Norwegian lessons has lessons for beginners on it’s site it says that “NorWord was originally written during summer and
fall of 1995, by Nancy Aarsvold (currently at St. Olaf College) and Louis Janus,
(currently at CARLA, U of Minnesota). The lessons presented above have been
edited to use proper æ, ø and å characters on the web.” Keep in mind that this is from 1995. is another Norwegian lessons website. They also have a youtube channel.

Newspaper is the only easy-to-read Norwegian newspaper that aren’t made for children/teenagers.


Michelle Alexandra seems to have a few Norwegian lessons. So does Karin and learnnorwegiannaturally. I’m sure there’s more but these were the best I could find.

I don’t know how much of a help this was, but I hope you figure it out. I suggest you check out Duolingo and/or Memrise if you haven’t already. Lykke til!


Mama Cat’s Catering

Mama Cat starting cooking in 1977 & started making cakes in 1978. She learned many of her recipes by traveling around the U.S.A with her navy family. She is also a Red cross volunteer. The reason she cooks is to make people feel good. She loves cooking & eating sea food. She also loves doing cake competitions. She also passed culinary school. Quotes from Mama Cat herself,
“I am from New York City, a mother of 4, grandmother of 5, and 1 great grand son, Graduate of the Culinary Institute of St. Louis at Hickey College. Started cooking at a very young age. Navy wife (Retired).” ~ Mama Cat