st. julie billiart

Because I go to Notre Dame, whose organization was originally founded by St. Julie Billiart, we have very many sunflower motifs. The sunflowers were a beloved flower of St. Julie because of 2 reasons.

1. They are a symbol of respect, pure thoughts and devoted love.

2. She once said “Be like the sunflower that follows every movement of the sun, and keep your eyes always turned towards our good God.”

So to everyone who gets this, let your heart be filled with pure thoughts and devoted love for those in your life and those whose lives you’ve yet to encounter.

O Mother of Mercy

I beg you, O Mary, be the rescue, the support of those who are afflicted, the consolation of those who mourn, the cure of the sick. You are the beloved daughter of God the Father, the immaculate Mother of God the Son, the spouse of the Holy Spirit. The Archangel greeted you as full of grace. Be our advocate, ask for mercy on behalf of sinners.

O Mary, be the star that guides me, my light in the darkness, my courage in struggles, my refuge in suffering. O Mary, full of Mercy, my Mother, never abandon me. Obtain for me to share your happiness very soon in the bliss of angels and saints.

O Virgin! Purer than Heaven, protect me, protect my dear family, protect all your children. Fill us with your favors, adorn us with your virtues. You are our advocate: ask for mercy on behalf of your poor sinners.

-Saint Julie Billiart