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So today, @deerstalkers-and-jumpers gave me the brilliant idea of going to St. Barts hospital (where TRF was filmed) to see the graffitis that some fans wrote, and I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED 

I am tagging some people that I think might be interested in seeing this silly photo i took, if you don’t wanna be tag please tell me 

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“I glorify the power of the Father and the Son, and I hymn the authority of the Spirit: the indivisible and uncreated Godhead, the consubstantial Trinity, Who reigneth unto the ages of ages.”

St. John the Damascene
Resurrectional Stichera for “Lord I Have Cried”
Tone 3


My August book haul was actually quite modest (for me), and I am so in love with the cover for Pieces of Sky.

33. “Get the hell away from me...” Shawn Mendes

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Shawn stumbles through the door, mumbling a million different words that made no sense what so ever. “Oh my god, Shawn!?” You exclaim and rush to your boyfriends side. “Come on, lets go upstairs.” 

“No, I have a girlfriend!” He says, not even facing you. 

“I know, Shawn, its okay. Nothing’s gonna happen.” You reassure him and he drops most of his weight onto your shoulder as you help him up to your shared room. He collapses onto the bed as you let out a sigh. 

Without a word, you remove his shoes and jacket. “No! Where’s Y/N?!” He exclaims and pouts like a four year old. 

“I am Y/N.” You sigh, exiting the room to get him some water. As you walked back, you could hear him on the phone. 

“Yea, I’m good man, sorry I didn’t go to that party, its just been awhile since I’ve spent some time with Y/N. Yea, see ya later.” Then, you hear the springs of his bed as he falls against it. 

“So, if you didn’t go to the party, why are you drunk?” You speak up opening the door, eyebrows raised. 

He jumps, falling off the bed in the process and looks at you with a terrified expression. “Uh…well I,” He stutters. 

“Are you even drunk?” You ask, setting the cup aside, walking closer. 

“No,” He sighs. “I’m not.” 

“Then, why lie?” You fold your arms and watch as he quickly stands, ready to defend himself. 

“Well, like I said, its been awhile since we last hang out and I just missed you.” He took a step closer while you took a step back. “Come on, Y/N, please don’t be like that.” He begs. 

Get the hell away from me, Shawn.” You spat back, “You shouldn’t have lied to me.” You shake your head and grab your phone along with your keys. 

“Where are you going?” He asks worried you were leaving him. 

“I’m spending the night at Y/F/N’s.” You mutter. 

“No, you stay, I’ll leave.” He tried, but you shake your head. 

“I just need a night out of the house.” He nods, respecting your choice and watches as you walk towards the door. 

“I love you.” He tells you, just wanting to hear you say it again. 

“Love you too, Shawn.” You mumble, loud enough for him to barely catch before your out of the room and out of the house. 

Hours later Shawn is woken up by someone calling his phone, “H-hello?” He yawns. 

“Is this Shawn Mendes?” 

“Yes, who is this?” 

“I’m a nurse at St. Johns hospital, Y/N Y/LN is here.” 

“What? What happened? Is she okay?” He shoots out of bed and grabs his sneakers. 

“She’s alright, but she got into a car accident last night.” He rushing out the door, “She asked for me to ring you.” 

“I’m on my way.” He tosses the phone aside and drives through the mid morning light. “Y/N Y/L/N?” He asks the front desk. 

“306.” He rushes to the third floor and finds your room in a matter of seconds. 

“Y/N?” You lift your head and give him a weak smile, “Oh thank god your okay.” He runs to your side and presses his lips against yours, “Please never scare me like that again,” He whispers. 


transonic-man-deactivated201604  asked:

Please make this public! For anyone needing to be on hormones and that is 18 and in the Los Angeles county and even surrounding counties, St. John's hospital has a transgender branch and will give you either the prescription and or the hormones THAT DAY regardless if you have insurance or not. You only pay for homones. I went on a fri and got them on tues. For more info please message me personally. I need this to get out there.

Night Duty. Anna Katrina Zinkeisen (Scottish, 1901-1976). Oil on canvas. Cartwright Hall Art Gallery.

During World War II, Zinkeisen worked as a medical artist and nursing auxiliary in the Order of St John at St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington. She made pathological drawings of war injuries for the Royal College of Surgeons. Perhaps this work depicts one of the nurses writing a letter to loved ones at home.