st. joeseph hospital

The terrible care my grandma has been getting

in the hospital is ridiculous. Luckily, my mom has been on vacation for the past week but she’s afraid to go back to work because she’s sure my grandma is going to starve there. I swear no one there has even looked at her chart because she cannot feed herself and they just drop off the food, they didn’t respond to the emergency call button at all when my mom pressed it today, they leave her on a bedpan for hours, when the nurses do come in to change the sheets or pad she’s on, they tell her to look at the door or the wall and get aggravated when she doesn’t but she can’t fucking see! I mean, she can but her brain is garbling everything so she thinks she can see things but she can’t process it. 

St. Joeseph’s hospital on Harlem Road in Cheektowaga. Such a terrible hospital. 

I just finished telling Eric about all of this and he was so mad he actually called down there to complain but he had to leave a message. My aunt and mom have been recording everything in a notebook, which I’m glad about but they shouldn’t have to!

I don’t mean to bring everyone down with this post but I’m so frustrated. She was put in intensive care right in front of the nurses station so someone would always be able to see her and it’s like she doesn't exist. On top of that, it’s not like it’s a busy hospital. I bet she’s one of maybe five people on the floor.