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I know Rachel, Cassie and John Tomlin were known to be Christians. Was there anybody else who was also a Christian among the victims?

Yes, there were other Christian victims. Columbine was predominantly white and Christian. I can’t be 100% sure what their religions are of course, these are all my assumptions, but here is all the info I got.

Rachel Scott - She was a Christian.  I don’t think there needs to be any explanation. I think we all know that she was a Christian by now (lol).

Daniel Rohrbough - He was a Christian. His father, Brian Rohrbough, on multiple occasions has blamed the violence in today’s culture on the removal of God from the schools. I remember reading once somewhere a while ago that said “Daniel was a devout Christian.”

Dave Sanders - Im not too sure about Sanders. All I know was that his eulogy was read at the Trinity Christian Center by Pastor Bill Lower.

Kyle Velasquez -  Im pretty sure he was. He had a funeral service at St. James Presbyterian Church and on the inside of his coffin was written “In God’s care.”

Steven Curnow - I haven’t seen anything about his religion. He had a funeral at the Trinity Christian Center.

Cassie Bernall - Cassie was a christian. She was active in church youth programs and Bible study groups.

Isaiah Shoels - He most likely was. His gravestone has two symbols of hands praying, as well as a verse from the bible.

Matthew Kechter - I think he was a Christian as well. On his gravestone, there are symbols of crosses. Also, on his plaque at the Columbine Memorial, it says “Matthew, a gift from God” which leads me to think thats why his parents named him Matt.

Lauren Townsend - She was a Christian. She attended the masses at Southern Gables Evangelical Free Church.

John Tomlin - John was a Christian. John would lay his bible open on the dashboard of his truck, hoping someone would see it and bring them closer to God.

Kelly Fleming - Kelly was a Christian. Her funeral was held at St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Church with Daniel Mauser. Her gravestone has a huge angel on it and Inside her casket has two crosses, which really makes me think she was a Christian. Also, recall her mother’s angel experience.

Daniel Mauser - Daniel was a Christian. You can see pictures of his baptism and first communion here. There are also pictures of him celebrating Easter here and Christmas (At 3:10) with his family.

Corey Depooter - I think Corey was a Jehovah’s Witness. His mother once said “I pray all the time. I constantly talk to Jehovah and ask him for direction. And I ask Jehovah to give (Corey) a kiss on the cheek.” “It is prayers that make us strong.”  However he did have a funeral at the Trinity Christian Center.