st. francis seminary


Worthington, Iowa
Population: 381

“Rev. George W. Heer, pastor of St. Mary’s Roman Catholic parish, Dubuque, since 1905, is one of the best and most widely known clergymen, personally, in Dubuque county. He is a native of the Prussian Province of Westphalia, Germany, his birth occurring April 25, 1849, and a son of Lawrence and Theresa Heer, who came to America in 1855 and died at Fort Madison, Iowa, where both are buried. When but six years old, Father Heer came to this country with his parents. He received his literary education at the Quincy (Illinois) College, and his theological training at St. Francis Seminary, Milwaukee, where, on March 16, 1872, he was ordained to the priesthood; succeeding which, he was stationed at Keokuk, Richmond, Centralia, Worthington, Dyersville and Dubuque, but it was in this county that he became most widely known. Through his instrumentality the church and school at Worthington were built; at Dyersville he remodeled the church, established a high school and founded an academy for girls. His activities did not cease upon his removal to Dubuque. He has established St. Mary’s high school in connection with his parish, and in many other ways has become a power in religious circles. Father Heer is loved and honored for his many sterling qualities of mind and heart.”