st. francis hotel

Charlie Chaplin and Edna Purviance, 1915.

January 1915

“I made an appointment to meet her at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco.  She was more than pretty, she was beautiful. At the interview she seemed sad and serious. I learned afterwards that she was just getting over a love affair. She had been to college and had taken a business course. She was quiet and reserved, with beautiful large eyes, beautiful teeth and a sensitive mouth. I doubted whether she could act or had any humour, she looked so serious. Nevertheless, with these reservations we engaged her. She would at least be decorative to my comedies”

A few weeks later:

“It was inevitable that the propinquity of a beautiful girl like Edna Purviance would eventually involve my heart”


Nicodemus, Kansas. Settlement for blacks following reconstruction, one of the many destinations of the Great Migration in the 1870s. It was incredible and inspiring to see this land that I’ve been reading about - and writing about - for years.

It was almost completely iced over and half of me feared getting stuck on one of these backroads in the small town that it’s become. It was so cold that I didn’t venture into the town hall for visitor information. I drove by the old water tower, the site of the school first built by the freed Americans (it was burned down and rebuilt in the early 1900s until the kids of Nicodemus are bused to another county), the first Baptist church.

It was quiet and my mind wandered into the past I drove down the gravel and ice. I will make it a point to come back and walk around once I thaw out.

Hello, everyone! Hope you are having a very enjoyable holiday season whether you choose to celebrate the season in quiet solitude or joyful festivities . As I have mentioned many times before, Christmas is my favorite time of the year right next to Halloween. So please excuse me for being a little bit MIA.  I am busy enjoying the holidays, and basking in the  magic of this season. If I have not visited your blog lately, please no worries. I will send many hearts your way soon.

I am having a fabulous time sharing this season with the BF, friends and families. I also have many happy alone moments by myself and with my cat just enjoying the peace and solitude that the Christmas holiday brings. I have been trying to spend as much time at home staring at the tree, taking in the cozy house, wrapping presents,  cuddling with my cat, eating so many sweets and even drinking eggnog (which I am allergic to but so worth it!).

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