st. fillans


Good Morning from Scotland 

Dawn at Loch Earn for anyone going to Rewind at Scone Palace Perth “Here Comes the Mirror Man”. by JSP92
Via Flickr:
It has been foggy here for the last couple of weeks, hence the moody shots. However the weather forecast said it was to be a clear morning and I wanted to get a shot that made the most of the light - what better then than the “Mirror Man”. This is an art installation on Loch Earn, Scotland. It is a couple of hours drive from my home so I had to get up early to catch the sunrise and it was on with the wellies and into the water to get the composition I wanted, but I think it was worth it. Coincidently the title was a line in a song on the first album I ever brought, I’m not going to say which album or who the band were as that would say more about me than I would ever want to declare on social media. Enjoy Large!!!!


The Beatles have a couple afternoons off and stay at the Four Seasons in St Fillans on the banks of Loch Earn, Perthshire, Scotland. (October 20th-21st, 1964)


[The Beatles] went to bed early – on Tuesday morning – and slept long after sunrise. John and Paul, who shared a chalet, were out and about first.

They took a short walk on the shores of Loch Earn, whetting their appetite for lunch.

They found the invigorating fresh air a bit chilly, but waited to try to entice a dog into the loch by throwing sticks for it to retrieve. The dog was not playing, however, and refused to do more than paddle.

While John and Paul enjoyed lunch in the hotel dining-room, George and Ringo had breakfast in bed.

John and Paul later tried their hand at boating and went out on Loch Earn. After some confusion at the start, until everyone had learned how to drive their boats, they went off and beat up the loch for half-an-hour or so.

Ringo and George did not appear until it was almost time to leave for the Dundee concert. They were slow to appear in the morning, but were the last to go to bed on their return from Dundee.

Police had to be called to disperse several car loads of teenagers and students who had followed the group back from Dundee on Tuesday night.

Later on Tuesday a party was held for the four Liverpool tourists by the manager of the hotel and his friends.

Paul retired first and John followed. Ringo and George decided to take a boat out early on Wednesday morning and spent some time messing around on the pier.

— Strathearn Herald, Crieff. (October 24th, 1964)