st. fagan's

Llys Rhosyr medieval court to be rebuilt at St Fagans

Work to reconstruct one of the medieval courts of the Princes of Gwynedd has begun at St Fagans National History Museum, near Cardiff.

Rebuilding the great hall from Llys Rhosyr on Anglesey will be one of the most challenging archaeological projects attempted in Wales, said the museum.

Part of its original stone structure recovered from Angelsey will be used.

Once complete, schools and groups will be able to stay overnight.

The project will see the building’s nine-metre high (29.5 ft) stone walls and thatched roof rebuilt and is part the wider renovation of St Fagans. Read more.

Taken on a Family outing to St Fagans, the open air National History Museum of Wales just outside Cardiff. They take old buildings and lovingly re-home them brick by brick in a safe enclave…and, it’s free entry if ever you pop along (although donations are very much welcomed).

Loved the contrast between these two buildings. Wish the dry stone wall wasn’t in the way but didn’t think they’d let me take it down just to balance the shot. The red paint’s a natural pigment so, if you run your hands over it they get all red and you can then paint yours (or someone else’s) face. Kids seem to naturally know this, much to parents dismay :)

I’ve posted too many colour photos lately that I just had to do a black and white :)

This is another from our family outing to St Fagans. This one’s in the Castle gardens (well, a 16th century manor house they like to call a castle). Very nearly walked right on past this. Hope I don’t have to say what I liked about it enough to take the pic, I’ll let it speak for itself.