st. dominique

Parisian Ghetto, second level (3)

The Parisian Ghetto is a level in Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness.
This is a review from the second part of the level (
In this level several shops exist: a backery, a butcher and a café.

4.26 - Rue dominique street sign.This street exist as the Rue st. Dominque. The streets looks like a bit on Rue st. Dominique.

4.27 - Mini poster. Throughout the game on the floor some object can be seen, this mini poster looks like it was made for a film or an ad.

4.28 - Bombolo and a poster. You see the word “Bombolo”. There is/was an Italian actor whose name is Bombolo. In Paris a restaurant is also called Bombolo, you can find it on Rue Basfroi. Maybe this is some kind of connection, but the restaurant looks like nothing on this.

The poster remains a mystery. But I know now there were plans to build a “Kiosque presse” in this level. Thanx to the picture files inside the These are everywhere in Paris.