st. celeste

Night of the Vampire || Celeste, Clopin and Scorpion (Closed RP w/ lady-scorpion-and-friends)

[Celeste was practically running up the corridor, her long, starry cloak flying behind her. She merely hoped that her bedroom door was locked to prevent him from getting out. It all started off as making a herbal wine with raw vampire’s blood before it turned to complete Hell. When he began to straight-out attack her with sharpened fangs, she knew right then and there something had gone dreadfully wrong. 

She had to warn Scorpion, and quick! That dead-bolt on the bedroom door wouldn’t hold him for long, given his current state. When she finally found her in the throne room, talking with her head guards over something, Celeste found her opportunity to say it.]

“Your majesty…”

[A very rare occurrence was it when Celeste referred Scorpion as that, but in this case it had slipped out in a now gravely tone of voice. Underneath her cloak, the female was wringing her clawed hands nervously.]

“I’m afraid i’m going to ‘ave to give you a warning: I’ve recently jus’ ‘ad a spell back-fire and…Clopin’s now a vampire. T’make things worse, the side effect is temporary madness an’ insanity for a few hours, meaning…there’s a strong possibly ‘e could kill everyone in the castle…”