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Let me tell you a little bit about my girl St. Brigit of Kildare. She’s revered, not only as a Catholic saint, but also as a Pagan Goddess, and for good reason. Everyone knows that she had the magic cloak deal going on when she wanted land to build a convent, but you know what they don’t teach you in primary school? She was metal as fuck.

Once, a man mocked her vow of chastity and said that she’d be married whether she liked it or not: “The beautiful eye in your head will be betrothed to a man though you like it or not.” In response, she gouged out her own eye because it was less likely that a man would marry a half-blind girl, and then laid a curse on the guy who mocked her in such a disrespectful way so that his eyes burst in his head, leaving him blind.

As well as her being as metal as tungsten, she was also super legit for her time. There is a story of her helping a nun who had broken her vow of chastity. Brigit, using “the most potent strength of her ineffable faith, blessed her, causing the child to disappear, without coming to birth, and without pain”. Yes, that’s an abortion to you and me, and yes, she was highly praised for her ability to carry out such a miracle. I bet they don’t tell you that in religion class!

What I’m saying is that if you don’t think St. Brigit was pretty rad, whether you’re religious or not, you can get right outta town.

A Witchy Trip to Ireland

Because this hellsite won’t let me upload pictures, here’s a list of the cool stuff I did and a list of the cool stuff I bought!!! (i hate this website) This is also a list of some witchy things to do if you’re around County Wexford, Gorey or on the edge of County Cork (Trinity College is in Dublin so is quite far away from the rest of it, Killkenny is about a 2 hour drive away)

What I did-

-Irish National Heritage Park (Irish history from the stoneage to the vikings)

-Killkenny Cathedral to see where one of my ancestors is buried

-Ocean scrying (pretty cool, once you got over the movement of the waves)

-Visiting my dad’s hometown, Charleville

-Bonfire in the woods!!!

-Seal Rescue Ireland (my god, adorable, please go)

-Trinity College to see the Book of Kells

What I bought-

-A Brighid’s cross

-a book on irish ghosts

- A copy of Arabian Nights from 1892

- A book about Irish Paganism from 1902

-Himalayan salt tea light holder

- 1 selenite palm stone

- 1 dark blue agate (the lady from the shop gave it to me for free!!!)

anonymous asked:

Pray tell, what would the st Bridget sign have been?

St Bridget/Brigit/Brigid essentially performed an abortion and it’s listed under her miracles as recorded by Cogitosus in his Vita Sanctae Brigitae. In short, a wan who is supposed to be celibate becomes pregnant after being NOT CELIBATE, and Brigit made her unpregnant “without childbirth or pain”.