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Attack on parliament in London: what we know so far
With events unfolding rapidly at Westminster in and around the Houses of Parliament, here is what we know so far
By Esther Addley
  • A police officer has been stabbed and the alleged assailant shot by armed police following an incident inside the security cordon of the Houses of Parliament.
  • Photographs emerged of a number of casualties on Westminster Bridge, next to the parliament buildings, who had apparently been struck by a car.
  • Footage showed a car that had crashed into the perimeter railings of the parliamentary complex.
  • Other images, taken from inside the Palace of Westminster building, showed paramedics treating someone inside the Old Palace Yard, within the security cordon.
  • Scotland Yard said the attack in Westminster was being treated “as a terrorist incident until we know otherwise”.
  • The House of Commons has been put in lockdown, with many MPs confined to the Commons chamber after parliamentary business was suspended.

From Met Police - Avoid Parliament Sq, Whitehall, Westminster & Lambeth Bridge, Victoria St up to junction with Broadway & Victoria Embankment/tube

It has just been reported there is one confirmed fatality and several seriously injured from the incident on Westminster Bridge. My thoughts are with all those affected.

Everyone in London, please take care and stay safe.

anonymous asked:

We were talking about the design of ships recently and my partner asked why the bridge was right on top on the Enterprise. They said it felt like it was putting the bridge in the middle of a bullseye and therefore a vulnerable position. I didn't have a good answer, so I was wondering if you could tell me why the bridge is located where it is? And if it has any extra protections?

Great question! My recollection is that according to the TNG Technical Manual, the in-universe explanation for the bridge being on top is so that it is easily replaceable (with more up-to-date tech) during a refit. 

The out-of-universe explanation is that it looked cool and producers liked it there and we get to have the cool zoom-in shot through the dome. 

You have to remember, Star Trek is a metaphor for humanity bettering itself via the bold, brave exploration of outer space, and it doesn’t behoove mankind to greet the universe while hiding in a shielded bunker in the middle of the ship. So, metaphorically, the top of the ship is the best place for the bridge. 

OK, metaphor over. Yes, there are extra protections. In Star Trek II, when the ship goes to Yellow Alert, Saavik calls to “Energize defense shields”, and on the main viewer we see a circle envelop the bridge area. 

It seems that this represents a shield bubble or some other kind of extra protection over the bridge. If all Starfleet ships have something like this, it would explain why we don’t see a lot of villains targeting the bridge module specifically.