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Physical Attraction... Chemical Reaction// Sherlock Holmes

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I can’t believe how popular these are. Never once have I had so many requests for one specific character before. After this one, I have 7 or 8 more requests to fill, but these are still OPEN!

Requested by Anon: You’re one of the Senior pathologists at St. Barts hospital where Sherlock Holmes is a frequent visitor. To him, you’re the girl with no name. To you, he’s the man who could make or break you.

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Who You Really Are...

I know and love you two. And I know what you already are, and that you can become so much more. 

You once were two lonely men who had forgotten how to live. And all it took was that fateful day at St. Bart’s Hospital to save you both. 

And you listen to me, who you really are, it does matter. 

It is not only about the beautiful legends and adventures. It is also about how two people found love and hope and a reason to live in each other. It is also about how two people are willing to give and take lives for each other. 

No matter what happens, no matter how impossible, how frightening, how unjust life may become, all roads lead back to 221B Baker Street, where there are always two men laughing and making stupid jokes over a cup of tea, like they have always been there, and always will be. 

The best and wisest men that I have ever known,

My Baker Street Boys,

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.

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Okay, I went ahead and did something SUPER geeky …

I was running around London in ‘Assassin’s Creed Syndicate’, when I saw a landmark marked as, “St. Bartholomew’s Hospital”, which I recognized as being the famous hospital that Sherlock jumped to his “death” from, in BBC Sherlock Season 2.

I decided to investigate the building, and try and find the exact spot that Sherlock jumped from.

AND LO AND BEHOLD, not only did I find the exact spot, YOU CAN PERFORM A LEAP OF FAITH FROM THE SAME SPOT. O___O I dunno if the game’s creators did this intentionally as a nod to the Sherlock TV series, or if it’s just a happy coincidence.

Either way, it’s confirmed – Sherlock is one of the Brotherhood! He probably has a hidden blade inside his violin or something

To Win The Race Is To Win Your Heart - a Sherlolly alternate meeting fic

requested by the lovely @mrsfrankensteinwinchester, based on this post, here’s a humorus, fluffy Sherlolly fic!

Molly Hooper always took the train to a stop that’s twenty minutes walking time to St. Bart’s Hospital. She always enjoyed her walks from the train stop to work. Lately, there’s been this strange man, clad in a Belstaff coat, that is ALWAYS three steps ahead of her. The man constantly beats her to the street corner, as the light always stops her from going ahead. It’s been like this for the past two months and Molly had no idea where he came from. He seemed to have been going towards the hospital all the time but he’s out of her sight long before she reaches work.

The more this went on, the more she noticed about the strange man. His head was covered in a mop of wild, onyx curls and he wore a blue scarf with his everyday ensemble of a suit, dress shoes and Belstaff. She never got to see his face clearly, but that just made the mystery of him more alluring. Sometimes, at night, she’d dream of him and what she imagined he might look like but nothing ever looked quite right. It didn’t take long before Molly Hooper realized she fancied this random stranger who’s possibly a psychotic stalker. Shaking the thoughts from her head, she listened to what her gut was telling her, firmly believing that whoever the man was, he had a good heart.

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1. What can happen in a second?

Anything can happen in a second. Something small, maybe meaningless, like a cough, a blink, a smile. And other things more serious and significant, like falling in love. Saving a life.

And another second perhaps your life has been torn apart. Just one second for the man you love to fall to his death from the top of St. Bart’s Hospital. You’re standing there, and it feels like time has slowed down and you’re thinking ‘No, this can’t be real, this isn’t happening,’ and he hits the pavement. 

It only takes a second.


A walking guide to many Sherlock filming locations in central London. I figured out the route before my latest trip to London and tested it out on my friends Oct 2014 (IIn the dark. In the rain. In the cold. Don’t do like we did.) It was still huge fun, especially for London visitors who also want to see some of London’s key attractions. Many thanks to for listing out street addresses and providing other reference information. They also have additional info on filming locations that are spaced further apart than the ones I included here (such as Irene’s Belgravia house, St Bart’s Hospital, The Landmark hotel and restaurant, etc))

Halloween at 221B – A Sherlolly Celebration

Is there a ghost haunting 221B?  A vampire stalking the halls of St. Barts Hospital?  Were the Hounds of Baskerville secretly lead by an unknowing Henry Knight, werewolf?  Or is it all fancy dress shenanigans on a Halloween night?

We’re looking for stories and art for our Halloween at 221B – A Sherlolly Celebration.

Works can be any rating, any length, any genre, and any medium (art, fic, knitted dolls, videos, etc).  However, they must be a Sherlolly work with a Halloween and/or supernatural theme.  Is there a Halloween gala or a blood thirsty ghoul?  A flirty fancy dress gathering at Baker Street or a monstrous regiment of women impersonating a vengeful ghost bride?  Scary or smutty?  Silly or sweet?  The Fest is open to it all.

We will open posting on the Halloween at 221B – A Sherlolly Celebration collection at Ao3 on October 22nd and close it at midnight time on October 30th. Authors/artists will be welcome to post their works to the community at any time while it is open.

There will be a master list of Fest works updated on October 31st.

If you have any questions feel free to message @darnedchild or @lilsherlockian1975 on Tumblr.  The Rules:

  1. Must be on theme in some way.
  2. Sherlolly must be the main pairing, but other ships are welcomed.
  3. Fics must be complete before they start posting to the collection.  The collection can be found at 
  4. Multi-chapter fics are welcome to post over a period of days as long as the final chapter is posted prior to the close of the community.  Any unfinished fics may be deleted on November 1st. 
  5. Tag your ships. Improperly tagged fics may be deleted.
  6. If you want to post your work on Tumblr, please tag it with ‘Sherlolly_Halloween_At_221B’ somewhere in the first five tags.

Please join in the fun!!!

I want to give a HUGE thanks to @mel-loves-all for making the amazing graphic above! 

Shot Through The Heart || Sherlock and Loki


Loki was laying in bed after finally being moved from the medical bay. This was getting ridiculous. The pain was still a phantom pain, but he was told to keep to himself. Clint had left for gods know where for gods know how long. He just wanted to be up and moving again, but yet, he stayed.

Meanwhile, Clint was riding an elevator down to the morgue of St. Bart’s hospital. This is where he was told to go to meet the man.