st. augustine stopover

St. Augustine Stopover

I’ve never smiled so much in my god damn life, like my cheeks genuinely hurt, especially after the Mumford and Sons performance.

Not only were we basically front row, but it was front row to my favorite band. Like I listen to them in the shower, when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I’m pissed, when I miss someone, when I miss home, and then they were right in front of me!!!! It was just surreal. I’ve never gotten so into a concert before, maybe it was how close they were, but I felt like it was a private show, despite the other 25,000 people on the field.

They were so funny and so interactive and real with the crowd. I don’t even know how to explain it!!!! They sounded even better in person, which I thought was impossible, and Marcus is so freaking talented. He played the drums, the guitar, and sang perfectly. They were so cute, I seriously think I’m in love lol. They were witty and bold and just adorable. They were drinking beer and smoking cigarettes on stage and were just talking to the crowd like, y’know, no big deal.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes were amazing too!! I only knew a couple song of theirs, but Home is one of my all-time favorites. When they played it, I just died. I always think of Daybid because that’s our song, and I really wish he could have come this weekend.

The other little bands were great too. I’m definitely going to get into Half Moon Run and The Walkmen. I always thought it’d be weird to watch bands you’ve never heard of live, but they were all so good.

And The Vaccines’ guitarist. I’ll just leave that here <3

This was just an amazing weekend and I don’t think I’m going to get over it for months. St. Augustine is an amazing little city. Everything was decorated in moustaches and Mumford and sons in honor of Gentlemen of the Road. And I mean everythiiiiing. The whole city got into it and it was cool to see. And the beards. The beards were glorious, just glorious. Not only have I grown a new found love for them, but my standard is now set ridiculously high because I’m telling you, these beards were pretty great. The concert was in the heart of downtown where everything is, the Castillo, the first school house, a bunch of food and ice cream shops, so yeah everything I visited when I first went for a field trip in middle school. We were able to really enjoy everything, the city, the performances, and the people I was with. I’m so freaking happy I was able to enjoy it with Gianna! She’s the one person who gets my ridiculous love for Mumford and Sons because she probably loves them more than me. It was just such a good time; I’ve already played the videos I took at least ten times since I’ve been home.

I’m fangirling so hard right now, I’m annoying myself, but really, this was the best weekend ever. Ugh, they better come back to Florida. Thank you, St. Augustine Stopover’s Gentlemen of the Road, and especially Mumford and Sons for such a perfect experience :)