st. anne's park

the skulduggery pleasant books rated by mentions of dogs
  • scepter of the ancients: features dogs running freely in haggard with their tails wagging, a slobbery dog in a towtruck, and several other references to dogs. a solid dependable book. (8/10).
  • playing with fire: melissa mentions one of the edgley's owns owns three small dogs, says she prefers big dogs. valkyrie asks her if they're getting a dog. a tantalising conversation, but could be improved with more dogs. (6/10)
  • faceless ones: while there are two similes referencing dogs, this book contains no actual dogs. very disappointing. (2/10)
  • dark days: valkyrie asks her parents if they can get a dog. however, she also insults hannah foley's chinese crested dog. not cool. (4/10)
  • mortal coil: valkyrie see's a dog being taken for a walk at st anne's park. she also gives skulduggery a mug with a picture of her neighbour's one-eyed dog betty on it. this is pivotal to the ongoing development of both their character arcs. (9/10)
  • deathbringer: kenny goes to the park where he see's several small dogs playing in the sunshine. A few other references to dogs are made throughout the book. (7/10)
  • kingdom of the wicked: we learn of the existence of an alternate dimension where mevolent and his army kill dogs.this is awful, just awful (-10/10)
  • last stand of dead men: contains one real dog and one fake dog-like-alien, i would have prefered two dogs (5/10)
  • dying of the light: valkyrie finally gets the dog she's always wanted. xena is amazing, a very good dog. couldn't be happier for my girl. (11/10)

Konoko Falls, located at the Shaw Park Estate in Ocho Rios, St Ann, Jamaica could easily be among the reasons that St Ann was named the garden parish. Set in the hills of the former Coyaba Gardens, its lush vegetation, calming waters, and scores of indigenous flowering plants make you want to forget you have a home to return to once you sample its delights.

The new name - Konoko - is the Arawak word for rainforest, and now it’s also the name of the newly recreated haven for both visitors and locals to retreat to for relaxation, students to study, take a journey through Jamaica’s historic past, or simply to enjoy nature’s bounty.

Parks and Rec Quotes That Totally Fit Star Trek #1
  • Bones: *going to check on Jim, sick with the flu, in sickbay*
  • Jim: *standing by biobed, wearing pants around shoulders* Does this scarf look okay?
  • Bones:
  • Jim: I don't wanna look stuffy but I also don't wanna look too shlubby.
  • Bones: Get back in that bed.
  • Jim: ... so no to the scarf?
  • Bones: Get BACK in the bed.
  • Bones: Either you get back in that bed or I will strap you down--I've done it before don't test me!
  • Jim: *stumbles back into bed*
  • Jim: *glowers*

WATA LAND (White River Valley, St. Ann, Jamaica) :: Jamaica’s newest eco-water attraction, just 15 minutes from Ocho Rios. WATA LAND offers to patrons a cool water escape from the hot, hustle and bustle of everyday life. Features of the fresh river water park includes slides, splash pad, obstacle course aqua park, kayaking, hiking among other activities. 

The promotional entry fee has ended and the price is now (as of 01/11/2014) $1200JMD for adults and $600JMD for children 12yrs & under.