st. andrew kim

I wish all these race wars and identity politics would end by having everyone find their identity in Christ. Not to say that I believe race is a social construct or advocate for open borders because I wish that the Japanese Catholics would tell me about the Japanese Christian martyrs that died during the Tokugawa Shogunate, that Englishmen would tell me about St. Thomas More and other English martyrs who were considered traitors for refusing to obey the king, that the Korean Catholics would tell me about St. Andrew Kim Taegon, and that the Mexicans would tell me about Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Juan Diego.

St. Andrew Kim Unlike many countries, the Gospel of Jesus Christ was introduced into Korea by lay people and not by priests or religious. St. Andrew Kim (1821 – 1846) was the first native Catholic Priest in Korea and he administered to Christians secretly in a time when the faith was not allowed there. Those who were caught were tortured and killed, and Father Kim was one of them. Together with St. Paul Chong Hasang and hundreds of other Korean Catholics, he was a martyr who gave his life to the Lord Jesus. St. Andrew Kim is the patron saint of Korean clergy. His feast day, together with the other Korean martyrs, is on 20 September.