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As you all know St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow, the 17th of March. So here’s a few pointers to help you avoid casual racism, pissing off the Irish, and avoiding being an ignorant fuckbrain, starting with the 4 most important things.

1) For the love of everything that is sacred in this world do NOT call it “Patty’s Day”. If you’re going to shorten it, its “Paddy’s Day” and nothing else. This isn’t a holiday to celebrate a fucking burger.
2) Do not even think about saying “Top of the morning”. No Irish person has ever said it and no Irish person ever will. We don’t know where it came from but it wasn’t us.
3) Just because your great-great-grandfather’s cousin’s mother’s dog was Irish it doesn’t mean you’re Irish. You gotta cut that shit out. Too many Americans try pull that shit and no Irish person will take you seriously if you claim it.
4) The language is called Irish, not Gaelic. I-r-i-s-h.

And now for some less important things
• The 4-leaf clover has nothing to do with Ireland. St. Patrick used a shamrock.
• Leprechauns aren’t real and exist solely as bait for tourists.
• We aren’t all drunkards and its not an excuse for you to get shitfaced and blame us.
• Nobody actually pinches each other for not wearing green, once again we have no idea where that comes from.
• Please dont argue facts with an actual Irish person if you aren’t Irish, chances are you’re wrong
• Once again don’t be racist
• Guinness doesn’t travel and probably tastes like shit in America and probably isn’t poured right either.

Above all else though, do go out and have a few pints and some fun, and enjoy yourselves. Just don’t be a fucking eijit.