Wishing you a happy St Patrick’s Day!

His first [tattoo], which he got at 15, is a leprechaun: an ode to his Irish heritage on his mother’s side. Not that she was impressed. “She kept saying ‘my beautiful boy, my beautiful boy,’” he recalls, laughing. (x)

(I’ve edited the bicep pic. I can’t find the source but I’m almost certain the original was sent by Tom Hardy to thdo, so thanks to them both!)

Don’t order an Irish Car Bomb

I try not to get too political here but, please just ask for a guinness with Bailey’s and a shot of whiskey.   There were nearly 10,000 bombings in Great Britain between 1969 and 1998, due to the Troubles.  One of the worst was on 17 May 1974; car bombs in Dublin and Monaghan, Ireland killed 33 civilians, a full-term unborn child, & injured 300…. 

Think about it, you wouldn’t order a 9/11 flaming towers, would you?   xo xo 

Happy St Patrick’s Day, from the Lego goofs.

Bad Cop is reciting some old Irish poetry. He’s taking it far more seriously than most of the others. Emmet in particular is taking the opportunity to finally wear that dinosaur costume. Batman’s wearing the Sensor Suit he had in the video game.

I did a little customising here, I painted Metalbeard’s shoulder-gears, Lord Business’s hair, and Batman’s goggles, which needed sanding down to fit over his cowl.


LSU Tiger Band Tubas and Drumline Earthquake in Ireland 

Dublin, Ireland experienced a little earthquake yesterday. :P
(If anyone’s wondering, it’s 30 tubas)