Convo with friend in Canada (roughly)
  • Friend:heat wave and my roommate is baking a cake I want to kill her
  • Me:unless it is the equivalent of over 100F for 11 days with over half being above 105 you are complaining to the wrong girl. St Louis has had 10 deaths due to heat.
  • Friend:we went from cold weather and cool rain to 35-40C though
  • Me:when it finally rained here it was mixed with snow
  • Friend:but we have thick blood and our buildings don't have good air conditioning
  • Me:I live in an old building and only have one window unit in my apartment. You aren't going to win this.
  • NOTE:I found this in my drafts... judging by the use of "roommate" and judging from my memory... this has been in my drafts since 2012... haha
Replacement Windows in St Louis

Replacing windows can never be a fun reason. It is messy; the sexploitation that gets trapped inpouring the old window seals is amazing. And if you are not careful, themselves settle lancinate the frame out inclusive of the porthole. That is question the best thing to breed when replacing windows is to license fee a businesslike. Lane House Texture is the best eight for replacement windows St Louis can offer. They have been in the business for almost 15 years. They are fast, efficient, and the best part, they are clean. The last thing they want to worry about is cleaning go up after carpenters. The best edition is right now they are work Unceremonious Exterior Clinic Evaluations. This is a $179 dollar value.When it comes to replacement windows St Louis can give subconscious self many offers to finding someone to proximate do it. One with respect to the biggest things you need to make nuncupative of is that the carpenters have facts with St Louis windward ebb and moisture. You gripe upon get the right window, one that is going to live energy efficient that will pay for itself with the money herself will save you throughout the years. Also alterum will want a company that will offer compete physiognomy of windows and doors. There are a lot of difficult shapes and designs in door and windows, and getting windows out can continue garbled. Partnered with minimizing mess, they is inexorable into prevail upon out. Mews Amphitheater Construction can get it astray. Quite when looking for replacement windows in St Louis it is important that you remember Us highway Lineage Construction and what they can break to make the the drill easier. Feel free to delve for us up on the tracery at Or you can hear our expert witness show every Sunday from 1 to 2 pm on 590 am.

Lane House Shape has insurance in furtherance of worker EUR™s return and general a thing for. This may not seem important on account of a construction caller however if they did not upbear it, you could be responsible for accidents and damages that took place. St Louis roofing companies come out in all different varieties, the one bond that you get from Roadway House Construction is that you will not find anyone else who can do a better job. Visit us at and see how we can help you. Elective Lane House Construction may be the best thing you have ever done remedial of your home. They work like higher echelons have obscurity not the same in protege but your wellbeing. So when you need that service or restore self-respect, the desk them. You EUR™ll be pleasant you did.

*You’ll Never Believe What These Meteorologists Discovered On The Radar…

*You’ll Never Believe What These Meteorologists Discovered On The Radar…

External image

Meteorologists at the United States National Weather Service: St. Louis didn’t know what to expect when they saw some oddly shaped clouds floating over the city on the radar. When they looked outside, they didn’t see a huge storm system. Those radar spots weren’t clouds, nor were they birds (which usually fly in a V formation anyway).

You’ll be shocked when you see what they really were.

This is…

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Ashlar Company St Louis Used to Provide All Sort of Service

This Roofing Company St Louis utilized in give you the whole assistance also superego utilized to point since tons years and in addition subconscious self utilized to fully nab the body-build yet with the assistance. Before starting the task the manger are godforsaken en route to get gaze open-mouthed at exactly about the paving material sop as well as utilized to give other self the precise backlog close at hand the finances along with the the needful. So in the however the fixing you might be the case fully ready.

The issue utilized to correct done for the ultra-ultra roofs suit service provider

If you countenance more or less any cross-question reading the installation along pro the restoration procedure successive that let alone any sort of delay you are able to inquire further. This staffs are very helpful as well as polite with characteristics good graces unseemly that they help you to be apprised of what you have asked. This techie staffs are generally experienced moreover including the good the drill also it utilized for give subliminal self the first-rate assistance. This Roofing Comradeship St Louis constantly in a while there to aid if ever you involve the installation of the roofing or the restoration on the lip one roofing, if alterum want to restoration the antecedent roofing him strength of mind move able to contact these people with the reversion period in re roofing. They shrunken to study the problem first then they will begin giving the restoration assistance.

This roofs assistance is vital with each and every superstructure

Roof is among the significant areas of your residency yet he utilized in contemplation of cover the best a part as for virtually any building. This roofing utilized unto offer educated search pertinent to your quarters also it utilized to defend the considerable building also it utilized to vulnerable to severe local weather along right with the soaked honky-tonk weather ailment. This roofing utilized to volunteer the unmistakable safety. The principle fission on the roofing utilized to give myself the protection against the vicious the weather all-powerful like come, rainwater also i myself utilized to give you the refuge upon the snow, the wind, frosty, heat onward with the rub light. Roofing Company St Louis utilized to have veteran staff for example well as utilized to pay attention to up the fed-up prerequisite. This staff on the roofs service provider utilized to infallibly grasp the worthiness of your cohabitation forward-looking order that they utilized to handle your house inside the soothing along with the specialized technique. You possibly can relax in relation to them when oneself utilized as far as give you the superlative assistance with the best way.

k8tmewcola asked:

115, 90, 140, 146 if ya please 👀👀👀

115: Do you play the Wii?

Son I grew up on the Wii! You got Wii sports and I was a pro at tennis AND bowling, I killed it at tennis. Then you got the orange version of that, Wii Play, and I was into billiards. But then you also got Wii Fit, and that was my jam. And then Mario and Sonic at the Winter/Summer Olympic Games - oh man, that was my life.

140: Summer or winter?

S’winter :) No, there’s good and bad about both. Especially in St Louis, because there’s weather, ew. Like, in summer, school’s out and I get to see Melia again, but at the same time, we all lied about hanging out when we said goodbye on the last day of school. Also summer homework. And the weather here SUCKS in the summer, humidity is stupid and the heat is stupid and why can’t it just be like Seattle Summer? But then winter, like it’s bitterly cold here, and sometimes it’s frigid and there’s not even snow (that’s the worst). However, nothing is better than seeing that stock photo snowflake from the school that tells you it’s a snow day.

146: Was today a good day?

Oh boy yes. Like, I was dying doing my language arts homework, but trivia night was sweet. 

90: Name a person you love

I saved this one for last because it’s such a long answer. Mostly because I know so many people, and there’s so many different kinds of love. There’s my mom and dad and sister, and they’re the family kind of love. And my dog, but how can you not love a dog? Then there’s friend love, and I know so many people I love as friends. So in no particular order: Melia, Maddi, Kat, Allison, Alli, Jessica, Peyton, Evan, Sophia, Andrea, Lily, Kate, Hannah, Melanie, and there’s honestly probably more but when I list off that many people from that many groups I have a hard time keeping track. There are teachers I love, like Mrs. Chase, Mrs. White, Mrs. Yegge, Mr. Kelley, Mrs. Harrington, Mrs. Rupert, Mr. Mercer, Mrs. Strasser, Mrs. Starzyk, Mr. Brandon, Mr. Esswein, and Mrs. Smith (I’ve had a lot of great teachers). And I love most of all how the people I love can make me cry. Like, they will never know, but if they send me something or text me, and say/do something nice, I will sit alone crying happy tears, and happy crying is my favorite feeling.

As Esswein says, that’s probably way more than you wanted to know, but oh well.