Saturday Special!

Not Only Was Ben Cohen A Great Winger…

Not Only Is He A Drop Dead Gorgeous Man…

But He Is A Stand Up Hero! 

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

St Georges Day Activities For Children, Kids, Baby, Boys, Girls, Men, Women | England National Day

St Georges Day Activities For Children, Kids, Baby, Boys, Girls, Men, Women | England National Day

St Georges Day Activities For Children, Kids, Baby, Boys, Girls, Men, Women:- In the nation of the England, there is no fix date of the national day of the England. In annually around three day celebrate as the national day of the England. In this three day one of the days is the death anniversary of the saint George. S in this day people tried to find some of the St Georges Day Activities especi…

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2015 70.3 St. George Pro List

Pro Men:

1 Kienle Sebastian MPRO DEU (Germany)

2 McMahon Brent MPRO CAN (Canada)

3 Don Tim MPRO GBR (United Kingdom)

4 Hoffman Ben MPRO USA (United States)

5 O'Donnell Tim MPRO USA (United States)

6 Raelert Andreas MPRO DEU (Germany)

7 Reed Tim MPRO AUS (Australia)

8 Sanders Lionel MPRO CAN (Canada)

9 McKenzie Luke MPRO AUS (Australia)

10 Collington Kevin MPRO USA (United States)

11 Butterfield Tyler MPRO BMU (Bermuda)

12 Griffin Leon MPRO AUS (Australia)

13 Matthews Paul MPRO AUS (Australia)

14 Twelsiek Maik MPRO DEU (Germany)

15 Wurtele Trevor MPRO CAN (Canada)

16 Yoder Andrew MPRO USA (United States)

17 Del Corral Morales Victor MPRO ESP (Spain)

18 Collins Ben MPRO USA (United States)

19 Buckingham Kyle MPRO ZAF (South Africa)

20 Barnett Damon MPRO USA (United States)

21 Bird Jon MPRO CAN (Canada)

22 Butsko Keith MPRO USA (United States)

23 Chase Nicholas MPRO USA (United States)

24 Everett Kevin MPRO USA (United States)

25 Kahn David MPRO USA (United States)

26 Leiferman Chris MPRO USA (United States)

27 Lubinski James MPRO USA (United States)

28 Mendez Cruz Mauricio MPRO MEX (Mexico)

29 Rakita Brandon MPRO USA (United States)

30 Reid Taylor MPRO CAN (Canada)

31 Scheltinga Evert MPRO NLD (Netherlands)

32 Shearon Jonathan MPRO USA (United States)

33 Skipworth Todd MPRO AUS (Australia)

34 Thuerauer Roman MPRO AUT (Austria)

35 Wade Robert MPRO IRL (Ireland)

36 Young Dantley MPRO USA (United States)

Pro Women:

45 Kessler Meredith WPRO USA (United States)

46 Carfrae Mirinda WPRO AUS (Australia)

47 Swallow Jodie WPRO GBR (United Kingdom)

48 Wurtele Heather WPRO CAN (Canada)

49 Ellis Mary Beth WPRO USA (United States)

50 Bazlen Svenja WPRO DEU (Germany)

51 Luxford Annabel WPRO AUS (Australia)

52 Joyce Rachel WPRO GBR (United Kingdom)

53 Tisseyre Magali WPRO CAN (Canada)

54 Corbin Linsey WPRO USA (United States)

55 Jackson Heather WPRO USA (United States)

56 Kaye Alicia WPRO USA (United States)

57 Lisk Ricarda WPRO DEU (Germany)

58 McQuaid Melanie WPRO CAN (Canada)

59 Gross Sara WPRO CAN (Canada)

60 Brennan-Morrey Ruth WPRO USA (United States)

61 Bromme Uli WPRO USA (United States)

62 Carguilo Katy WPRO USA (United States)

63 Csomor Erika WPRO HUN (Hungary)

64 Preston Rebecca WPRO AUS (Australia)

65 Roberts Lisa WPRO USA (United States)

66 Ganzow Astrid WPRO DEU (Germany)

67 Gerdes Beth WPRO USA (United States)

68 Halasz Anna WPRO HUN (Hungary)

69 Jarvis Sarah WPRO DEU (Germany)

70 Kamenz Annett WPRO DEU (Germany)

71 LaPoint Kara WPRO USA (United States)

72 Lawrence Holly WPRO GBR (United Kingdom)

73 Madison Mackenzie WPRO USA (United States)

74 Spieldenner Jennifer WPRO USA (United States)

75 Thompson Lauren WPRO USA (United States)



Testosterone Thursday: A Hot New Daddy!

Although He Has All The Makings For A Pretty Hot Daddy, Dave Attwood Became A New Dad This Week, When His Fiancée Gave Birth. This Is Great News For England (Bigger I’d Say Than Prince George), Because The Bath Lock Can Now Face The All Blacks This Weekend!

Godspeed, Mate!


For St. George!

Ben Foden Made It Through A Formidable Crusader Defense, Including Corey Flynn, Matt Todd, And Tyler Bleyendaal.

Drive That Baby, Home!


“Once More Into The Fray. Into The Last Good Fight I’ll Ever Know. Live And Die On This Day. Live And Die On This Day!”

I’d Follow Chris Robshaw To The Gates Of Hell!

For England And St. George, Baby!