Just a quick update on the last few days.
cork was having Heritage week last weeks, so I really wanted to explore this beautiful city a little more than I had.
I really didn’t end up going through that many places, but I enjoyed the places I went! The first two photos are from inside St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral, where there was a real crowded tour I joined up with. The cathedral was built on top of a smaller church that had been a part of the battles between William of Orange and James II of England in the 1690’s. When the smaller church was replaced by the cathedral, the builders found a 24 pound cannonball that now hangs near the altar.
I also walked down to Elizabeth Fort, another component in that battle. The fort itself was built in1601, and the main guns actually faced into the medieval city! The fort was demolished and rebuilt a few times and became a Native Irish fort once or twice. The fort was having a medieval family fun day, so people were dressed up, showing medieval clothing and weaponry, and teaching kids about preservation and archaeology. Also there’s an awesome view of the city from the top of the walls!

Today, my class is heading around parts of County Cork to see some nearby sites. Hopefully I’ll post again later with those pictures!

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