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Great Britain: Eilean Donan Castle, Castle Combe, St Andrews, Kilt Rock/Isle of Skye, Shaftesbury, Bourton-on-the-Water,  Cambridge,Edinburgh,  Lincoln, Gloucester

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Scotland - Edinburgh, Luss, Eilean Donan Castle, Edinburgh, St Andrews, Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Falkland

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Good Morning from Scotland 

Sunrise over the pier, 2017 May 01  by Dunnock_D 

Via Flickr:
At the first sunrise of May each year students run into the sea for the “May Dip”, at East Sands, St Andrews, Scotland Filename: DSCN0897a

The Serpent Boy. Sweet Pea X Mantle!Reader

Reader is Reggie Mantle’s younger twin sister, and she falls for Sweet Pea. The Serpent boy she isnt supposed to be with. If her brother finds out, he’d flip out.

Word Count: 1203 

Warning: Spoilers if you havent seen any of season 2.

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Being Reggie’s twin was exactly as it sounds. The two of them were inseparable. They did everything together. He was the star football player, she was a River Vixen. They ruled the school together alongside Cheryl Blossom.

But she wasn’t like them. She fit in with them, but she was sure it was only because she was Reggie’s twin. She wasn’t bold like Reggie and Cheryl. In fact, she was quiet. She liked to keep to herself, and she didn’t like being mean to everyone. She kept good grades -straight A’s- where as Reggie’s grades were just enough to keep him in sports. And instead of Y/N being close to Cheryl, she was actually really close to Betty and Veronica.

Reggie was older by 10 minutes, and he never let Y/N forget that. He had to rub it in her face every chance he got. She didn’t care though. Reggie might be an asshole, but she loved her brother. They were the best of friends usually.

Things started to change though when the Black Hood started terrorizing the town. Y/N wasn’t close to Archie Andrews. Just his friends. There was just something about Archie, that made her not trust him. And after recent events, he was starting to really freak her out. Especially forming the Red Circle. She thought it was a dumb move, and when she found out Reggie was a part of it?

“Please, don’t do it, Reggie. I don’t see it ending well..” She said, as they walked home from school together.

“Don’t worry about me, sis.” Reggie shrugged her off, and stuck his headphones in his ears.

Y/N sighed as she walked beside him. When they got home, she went up to her room, and started on her homework, until she saw her brother leaving.

“Hey, where are you going?” She asked.

“I’m goin’ over to Andrews place. And no, you can’t come.” He said, as he kept walking.

Y/N quickly gathered her stuff and followed him.

“If you’re doing this, i’m coming with you. I don’t trust him.” She said.

Reggie groaned and spun around, but when she was there with her coat on already, he knew there was no way he was going to be able to make her stay.

“Fine. But you better stay out of our way.” He said and walked out of the house.

Y/N grinned to herself as she followed her brother.

Y/N was actually glad she had decided to go. Veronica was there. And her fears had became a reality. As she was sitting in the kitchen with Veronica, and the boys were out in the living room messing around, there was a knock on the door. Y/N looked over at Veronica before they got up and walked over to the door, standing behind the boys as Archie opened it up.

“Serpents?” Y/N muttered, as she glanced at Veronica.

“Stupid Northsiders.. You really think you can come to my house, stick a gun in front of my face, in front of my boys, and there wouldn’t be any payback?” The boy at the front got closer to Archie the more he talked. He was tall, with dark hair, and matching dark eyes. Y/N could make out the bit of a tattoo on his neck. They locked eyes for a matter of literal seconds before the boys eyes shifted to Reggie.

“You have crap timing, my bro.” Y/N looked at Reggie as he spoke up. “Bulldog’s eat Serpents for lunch.”

“We’ll see about that.” The boy said.

Y/N didn’t know who this boy was, or why Archie held a gun to him, but she knew this was a bad idea, and she literally wanted to beat Reggie, for even starting to stick up for Archie right now. Serpents weren’t nice. They were dangerous. Everyone was sure that one of them was the Black Hood even.. Just as Y/N was about to step up to the boys, Veronica beat her to it. Claiming if they were going to do it, there were going to be no weapons. And rules.

Soon, Y/N found herself at the bridge in the pouring rain. She really hoped Reggie wasn’t going to do this, but here they were. The next few minutes went by in a blur for Y/N. She was trying to keep tabs on her brother, but she lost him in the fight. Then there was a gunshot, and everyone froze. Serpents started running off.

“Where’s Reggie?” Y/N asked, looking around, her heart racing until she found him, helping Dilton.

She sighed in relief when she saw her brother wasn’t too hurt.

After the events of that night. A small war seemed to break out between the Bulldogs and Serpents. Sure there was already a war between the Northside and Southside, but now they were an actual part of it. It made Y/N uneasy. She had no idea what was going to happen. She was scared the Bulldogs were gonna make another move on the Serpents or that the Serpents were gonna come after them again.

The next time Y/N saw the Serpent boy again, was at the drag race. Y/N didn’t know why all the people had to attend, but it did make it more fun. Y/N had been standing there, between Serpents and Bulldogs. She was leaning against the same truck her brother was sitting on, but on the other side of her just a few feet away, were Serpents. She couldn’t help but look over at the Serpents. She was worried about them being so close, but for a matter of minutes, they were supposed to be on the same side. It was all of them, against the Ghoulies right now.

But every time she looked over there, that boy had his eyes on her. He smirked and looked away, keeping his eyes on the Ghoulies. That was the only interactions they had. Just a few looks.

Of course, the drag race ended in chaos. Everyone running around, trying to get away from cops. People were pissed. And the last look she had with the Serpent boy, was him giving a look of anger. Of course, somebody on their side had been the ones to call the cops and Archie admitted to it..

“Y/N! Lets go!” Reggie yelled, grabbing her arm and dragging her off. She ripped her gaze from the Serpent and followed Reggie.

When they got home, Reggie grabbed her arm before she could go to her room.

“I seen you looking at that boy.” He said, and gave her a look. “Stay away from the Serpents, Y/N. They are dangerous. And they are our enemy. Do you understand?” He asked.

Y/N rolled her eyes.

“Yeah. I understand.” She said and pulled her arm from his grasp, before going into her room and shutting the door.

That night, she laid in bed, not able to fall asleep. She couldn’t get that Serpent boy out of her mind. And what she didn’t know, he was in the same situation. Laying in bed, not able to get her off his mind.

Part 2


Good Morning from Scotland. 

Sunrise over the Cathedral and Castle, St Andrews by Ian Cowe