“Cô gái ấy thích cuộc sống lặng thinh
Chẳng muốn mở lòng và tin vào ai đó

Không phải vì lòng không biết thương, biết nhớ
Mà bởi trong tim…nỗi lo sợ mơ hồ.

Cô gái ấy chỉ thích được tự do
Thế giới bao la, cô tự co mình lại
Không buồn, không vui, không giận hờn, điên dại
Chỉ mãi quẩn quanh với trống trải vô hình.

Cô gái ấy cũng có những giấc mơ
Có những khát khao chẳng bao giờ được nói
Cũng có những khi thấy chán chường, mệt mỏi
Nhưng chỉ lặng yên giấu nhức nhối trong lòng.

Hơn bất cứ người nào, cô ấy sợ bão giông.”

Can we talk about

everything in this movie
Spock admiring Admiral Kirk so visibly in this movie that it physically hurts me
ahem, about Spock completely obviously saying “for everything there is a first time” in which there is of course nothing sexual and shamelessly asks Kirk to confirm it, at which Kirk panics and absently hums in approval and then Bones not even tired of the shit anymore asks him if he wants a tranquilizer to calm down because their love and obscene lust at every ocassion are even after 1000 years fresh as a high school crush, lmao.
things Team NA taught me

- Vincent Trochek is very good looking in person. Origially i thought he was eh but then i saw him irl and i’m into it.

- connor mcdavid is as goos as the hype says he is. jack eichel is still better.

- auston matthews ain’t here to fuck around. 

- Colton Parayko is daddy af but he’s also so sweet and timid and just so adorable. This is the kind of guy who if you called him daddy to his face he’d be confused because he doesn’t have children

- also autocorrect on my phone changes parayko to paratrooper.

- about love and loss

- a lot canadians think gaudreau is canadian because of his last name and the fact that we call him “johnny hockey.” what they don’t realize is that he has a gross jersey accent. and maybe if they heard him say words like “talk” or “thought” or “dog” they wouldn’t want to claim him.

- It’s hard to go back to what you once had when you got a piece of happiness for even just a week (thanks trouba)

- Morgan Rielly is v supportive 

- todd mclellan for jack adams!!!!

- Nate Mackinnon is better than Lundqvist.

- If Matt Murray hadn’t been injured they would be in the finals by now. (bye bye canada.)

- what true happiness is.

- when you go through something that special with a group of people, even if it only is for a week or two, you come out of it closer than ever.

- so. many. ships. to. ship.

Actos inspiradores durante protestas

Bangkok, Thailandia, manifestante y soldado intercambian una rosa.

Bulgaria 2013


Georgia, EEUU durante un desfile del Ku-Kux-Klan





Egipto, un hombre agradece a un soldado que no dispare a civiles

En Inglaterra, un grupo de manifestantes salen a las calles con escobas para limpiar después de manifestarse

Baltimore, USA

Musulmana abranzando manifestante islamófoba