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Good Morning from Scotland 

St Monans sunrise by Tim Dove
Via Flickr:
This mornings sunrise from bony Scotland. Looking towards the ruins of Newark Castle, St Monans. Great way to start the day.

Five Years - Leonard McCoy

Requested by anonymous. 

“So, do you think you’ll stay around for the mission?” you asked as you helped the CMO find the correct medications he needed for each of his examination tables. You heard him sigh and you looked over at him.

“Oh, I suppose. Jim will convince me somehow.” You smiled.

“I didn’t realize how close the two of you were.”

“Yeah, we’ve been friends since the Academy.” You nodded appreciatively. 

“That’s what he told me.” You peered over your shoulder and saw that Dr. McCoy’s eyes had widened. You smirked to yourself and continued rifling. Because the five year trip was starting soon, the supply room was full of extra supplies that hadn’t been properly stocked yet. 

“I didn’t know you two were so close,” he said after a pause, mimicking your words. You smiled and looked back at him.


“You and Jim.”

“Oh, Captain Kirk. Yes, he is a friend of mine. We went on one date together, if you don’t mind me telling you. It was lovely, but he’s not for me.” You paused purposely at this point, hoping for something out of Leonard.

“Oh yeah?” You grumbled quietly and nodded.

“Yeah. So we’re just friends.”

“And you choose to talk about me?” he said. You smirked again, realizing you still had his attention.

“Oh,” you said as you stood up with a box in your hand. You walked it towards Leonard and sat it in his muscular arms. “You come up every once in a while.” You walked back to your shelf to continue scavenging, hoping that Leonard could feel the tension in the air that you could. 

You were reaching for something on one of the higher shelves, and almost had the box in your grasp, when a bigger arm came in view and grabbed it for you. You smiled as the handsome doctor handed it to you.

“Thank you, doctor,” you said. 

“Sure. So, what kind of things do you and Jim say about me?” he asked, folding his arms. 

“All kinds of things. Things that I’m sure you say to Jim.”

“Jim and I don’t talk about myself.” You smirked and started walking back towards the cart of supplies you were gathering. 

“Well I know that’s not true.” You heard Leonard sigh. You glanced back at him and he put a smile on his face. It was cute, but you could tell he was forcing it. You were stressing him out. It was really cute. “We’ve never said anything ill about you. Does that make you feel better?”

“Not particularly.” The smile that was on your face never truly left. It just bent a little each time something happened. It dipped a little just now. 

“You can trust your friend.”

“Both of them?” You smile nearly burst open at that moment. You spun towards him.

“I wasn’t under the impression that we were friends.” His face fell and you walked towards him quickly. “But I’m glad you consider me that way, too.”

“So we are friends?” he asked.

“I surely hope so.”

“Good. So tell me, can I trust you?” You leaned a little closer and answered just above a whisper.


“Alright, so tell me what you and Jim talk about.” You laughed and went back to a different shelf. You looked back at him and shot him a look.

“You know, just because you’re the CMO, doesn’t mean you can’t do any work. He smirked and turned so that he was facing his own shelf, too.

“Okay. If I work, you have to tell me.” You laughed.

“Why? What would I get from that?”

“Well I don’t have to be helping you.”

“So you’re just doing it because you like me,” you said, looking back at him. He smiled and nodded. “Well, fine.” 

“So what do you talk about?” he asked.

“Lots of things. I talk about how you’re an irritable boss. He says that you can sometimes be a stick in the mud.” You looked back at him again, but he didn’t look at you. “I talked to him about joining for the five year trip, and he said you were reluctant to join along, too. I told him that if you did, I would join.”

“Why?” Leonard was looking at you now, and he appeared hurt. Your smile dimmed a lot and you sighed. 

“Because I like irritable, stick in the mud-ish men.” You waited for a look on his face that would tell you how he felt about that, but it remained stagnant. Maybe taht was part of the reason he was such a good doctor. He could give good and bad news without showing feelings. Maybe he didn’t have feelings.

“He told you I was reluctant to join?” You deadpanned, not believing that that was all he picked up from your conversation.


“Well I was.”

“Good,” you said sarcastically, turning back to your shelf, a little discouraged. “I’m glad Jim isn’t a liar.”

“I was nervous to join,” he said, ignoring your statement. “I have a horrible fear of space. I told Jim, the moment we take off is going to be hell. And he helped convince me otherwise. Five years in space isn’t going to mean anything if I can spend five years with you.” You stopped breathing for a second, and when you turned around, Leonard was right behind you. He was looking down at his hands, but when you looked up at him, he met your eyes.

“Jim and I have talked about you a lot, and the thing is, I like sarcastic, stubborn women.” You laughed and shook your head. “Jim’s words, not mine.”

“Sure,” you said. 

“So, since I like sarcastic women, and you like irritable men, we-”



“Yes, I’ll go out with you.”

“You didn’t know that was what I was going to say.” You laughed and patted his forearm playfully.

“Yes I did. Jim and I talk a lot.” His smile fell again and you laughed. “But now you know it’s all good things.”

“Ya know, Jim and I talk a lot, too. He even told me all about the date that you went on.”

“Oh?” You hadn’t moved your eyes from Leonard’s this entire time.

“Yeah. He said you were a good kisser, but I didn’t believe him.” You most definitely blushed at this moment.

“Well why don’t you find out for yourself.” He smiled, not answering, before leaning in to kiss you. Jim hadn’t told you anything about the good doctor’s kisses, but if he had, you knew he would have said only good things. Leonard pulled away first, and after taking a moment to catch his breath, spoke again.

“I’m gonna kick Jim’s ass.”

“Me too. Bastard can’t keep a secret.” You both laughed and kissed again, this time for a little longer, both fired by your anger for Jim.