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can you make me a lil playlist of songs that sound sweet & chill and like soft pink and just 💖✨💕💞

how i know // toro y moi 

quit // lany 

again // men i trust ft ghostly kisses 

got it bad // leisure 

black mambo // glass animals

white lies // the soundmen remix: max frost 

brownlow // lapsley

dead air // chvrches

feels like we only go backwards // tame impala 

keep on lying // tame impala

last night in los feliz // niia

superstar // broods

take a walk // passion pit

make you mine // public

long time // caKe

record store // the acbs

lover yeah // the acbs 

same as me // street joy

formidable // the big moon

ivy // frank ocean

take care // beach house

sun // two door cinema club

new jacket // literature 

constant headache // joyce manor

perfect // amber run

mirage // alexandra savior

cigarette daydream // cage the elephant

places // shlohmo

NSFW Klance R-15

AU/confinement/mean and dominate Keith/good boy Lance

I have to say sorry first! I tried to do the request but I feel like I messed up lol I end up drawing something like a confinement…well..this is a confinement manga! So sorry to the one sent me the request  (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`) my apology.. this kind of thing often happens when I get requests… (;;;՞;ਊ՞;;) fu..

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  • Mulder: You know that manslaughter is the least serious murder charge?
  • Scully: You don't say.
  • Mulder: Manslaughter. Literally, the slaughter of a man. Sounds brutal, doesn't it?
  • Scully: Heinous.
  • Mulder: Yet it's the most socially acceptable form of murder.
  • Scully: So you think we should change the name.
  • Mulder: Yes, I do. How about "inadvertent life-ending"?
  • Scully: "Unintentional snuff-out".
  • Mulder: How about "I can't believe it's not murder"?

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"Since its so "wrong" to use gay and retarded as insults even though they are perfectly fine because retards and fags are too sensitive I will not start using gaytarded" my brother WHO KNOWS I AM GAY WHEN I HAD MY BOYFRIEND OVER AND HE KNOWS HE IS MY BOYFRIEND. Please tear him a new asshole

Straight Talk: I am a living pile of human refuse and it’s about time someone flushed me down the toilet.