Titan Shifter List (Updated)

So here is the updated Titan Shifter list after chapter 93, I tried to use the last panels of them as best as I can.

1 &2. Founding Titan + Shingeki no Kyojin, aka Advancing Titan, aka Rogue Titan, inherited by Eren Jaeger

3. Beast Titan, inherited by Zeke Jaeger

4. Jaws, aka Dancing Titan, inherited by Galliard

5. Armored Titan, inherited by Reiner Braun

6. Colossal Titan, inherited by Armin Arlert

7. Female Titan, inherited by Annie Leonhardt

8. Cartwoman, aka Cargo Titan, inherited by Peak.

9. ???? Mysterious Shifter ????


I decided I wanted to draw my own reveal. Naturally after this point, Marinette acts totally awkward around Chat now that she knows his secret identity.

Je veux pas dire mais Nicolas Dupont-Aignan était juste derrière Hamon au premier tour et maintenant qu’il a officiellement rejoint le camp de Le Pen, si ses électeurs votent pour elle, on est dans le caca. Donc c’est franchement pas le moment de mettre vos convictions d’extrème-gauche avant la vie des minorités de France et de pas aller voter. Putain.

Jehanparnasse reach old ??? Age

  • Preferring quieter nights in and less “don’t threaten me with a good time” nights
  • (But when they do have wild nights… whoa)
  • HotDad Parnasse picking up all of their child’s friend’s from school
  • Sleepy mornings reading the Socialist Worker/Vogue
  • Montparnasse’s first grey hair that Jean ADORES it so much that they don’t dye it black
  • Still at it like rabbits
  • Things like biscuits become 100x more important to them both
  • Actual family traditions that they insist they keep to
  • Montparnasse discovering how to work the washing machine at 30yrs old
  • Jean, a published poet, cheating at family scrabble and banning monopoly because they have no business mind 
  • Montparnasse, more refined and ready to retire after a lucky heist left him rich 
  • Getting excited about crockery together 
  • bickering over the word search and the etymology of words 
  • old man Babet still calls Montparnasse ‘pretty boy’ 
  • Slow dances together at weddings- swing dancing at Weddings 

    Middle Aged Jehanparnasse