“It is you.” | Rey Kenobi

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I think I can chalk reylo up as essentially just,

Kylo: *pointing to various random people*

“I hate you and I hate you. I especially hate you. Also you over there can die, that guy next to you can follow suit.”

Kylo: *points to Rey, the person who literally slashed his face, told him his worst fear, has contested him at every turn and awoken curiosity and compassion in him*

“carry on with whatever you are doing.”

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I don't see how any one can ship reylo. Do you not understand that he tried to kill her? They are not going to fall in love.

 If you are so sure of that, why did you commented anonymously to a Reylo shipper?😏 My Reylo family has been right about a lot of things - including the balance - because we paid attention to every detail in the movie and the book. Over a year ago some of us was told by antis that we are overlooking things and the next movie won’t have anything to do with balance. It’s all in our heads etc etc. Well, obviously they was wrong and we was right lol.

Light. Darkness. The Balance.” - Rey

Light//Darkness + Ren//Rey + Yin//Yang = Balance

Let’s begin…..

The book made things a lot clearer. Takodana Woods: In the movie when we first see Kylo approaching Rey, he has his lightsaber pointed downward. He wasn’t even approaching her in a fighting-manner, although, he could had shut his lightsaber off because between that and his costume/mask, he looks pretty intimidating. So Rey goes into defense-mode which I don’t blame her, I would had done the same thing, and begins shooting at him and she runs. She always attacks first btw.

She fired, again and again. Each shot from her blaster he deflected with the lightsaber’s beam. Almost as if it were a game, she thought in terror as she continued to fire. He was playing with her. Until, evidently, he tired of it. He raised a hand, held it toward her, palm outward.

Villains sometimes play games with their prey until they grow tired of it, and then they usually kill them. It’s like a cat and mouse game. Kylo did not do that and he had every chance too kill her when he froze her into a complete halt. If that was Vader, he would had killed her there in the woods - without a doubt.

Halting an arm’s length away, he studied her face from behind his mask. What villain studies their prey’s face? Honestly? Unless you are a cat and you are looking at a delicious-looking mouse or bug, but even a cat doesn’t take long to study their meal. When he finally spoke, he sounded at once impressed and surprised. Impressed?! “You would kill me. Knowing nothing about me.” Finding that her mouth and lips worked, she replied defiantly. “Why wouldn’t I kill you? I know about the First Order.” Ain’t it funny that she’s willing to kill him but he hasn’t even mentioned wanting to kill her? He’s actually more calm than she is (he may even be a little cocky but he can’t help it, he’s a Solo/Skywalker-Mix). “I would say otherwise. But that is a small thing. Simple ignorances are easily remedied.” As he spoke, he walked slowly around her paralyzed body. Okay, Kylo is saying, as he’s circling her and probably checking her up and down like he did in the movie, that the First Order is a small thing. Why would he say that to her? Especially to someone who is suppose to be his enemy? “So afraid,” he murmured. I’m going to get back to that comment he made later. “Yet I should be the one who should be scared. You shot first. You speak of the Order as if it were barbaric. And yet, it is I who was forced to defend myself against you.” Proof again, he wasn’t approaching her to fight or kill her. Having circled her, he moved even closer, peering into her face, her eyes. Villains don’t do that! Then the red lightsaber he held came up: close to her flesh, close enough to cast a red glow on her face. Although many, even Reylos would say, that this part is a bit aggressive. I thought the same when first watching the movie but what he says in the next line in the book makes me think differently - even when watching the movie. It’s almost like he’s using his lightsaber as a flashlight to get a better look at her. I mean, he’s been looking for a girl that he heard about, even from Snoke or a vision he had. And then he says, “Something.” He sounded mystified. “There is something… Who are you?” The guy is mystified by his so-called prey! Shutting down and belting his lightsaber, Ren contemplated his immobile captive. Reaching up slowly, he touched her face. 

Again, enemies don’t do that, especially putting down their weapon, and for him to reach up slowly, it was as if he was trying not to scare her no more than what he already has. ENEMIES DON’T DO THAT! I mean, he even carried her when he put her into a force-sleep. He certainly didn’t do that for Poe!

So then we get to the interrogation room: Kylo let’s her awaken by herself and who knows how long he was waiting there and watching her sleep - while he also was kneeling down on one knee like a knight kneeling to his princess *cough*.

“Where am I?”

“Does the physical location really matter so much.” In Kylo Ren’s voice there was unexpected gentleness. My husband said that this part actually sounded sexual to him lol. But Kylo is also using a gentle voice to probably try not to scare her again. (When through out the entire movie, he isn’t nice to anyone else). Of course, the only thing Rey see’s right now is a enemy and a creature. Which under these circumstances, again, I don’t blame her.

So he goes on to tell her that, “You’re my guest.” With an ease that was more frightening than any physical approach, he waved casually in her direction. A couple of clicks, and the restraints fell away from her arms. She tried to take the demonstration in stride as she rubbed her wrists. The last thing she wanted was for him to think he could intimidate her any more than he already had. Looking around the room, she confirmed that they were alone. If they had added this part in the movie. It would had made a huge difference.

“Where are the others? The ones who were fighting with me?”

He sniffed disdainfully. “You mean the traitors, murderers, and thieves you call friends? Consider carefully now: I could easily tell you they were all killed, righteously slain in battle. But I would prefer to be honest with you from the beginning. You will be relieved to hear that as far as their current status and well-being is concerned - I have no idea.” Again, this part would had made a huge difference as well. He’s being honest with her. The villain!

“You still want to kill me,” he murmured. To me, at this point, it seemed like he was disappointed. He could had thought if he would release her from her restraints and be honest with her than she could relax a little and maybe gain some trust but it didn’t work.

“That happens when you’re being hunted by a creature in a mask.” She had a moment to ponder his possible reaction and to fear it. But he did not do what she expected. Instead, he reached up, unlatched and removed his mask. She just stared at him in silence. In itself the narrow face that looked back at her was not remarkable. It was almost sensitive. If not for the intensity of his gaze, Ren could have passed for someone she might have met on the dusty streets of Niima Outpost. But there was - that gaze. That, and what lay simmering behind it. The supposed-villain unmasks himself, probably for the first time in front of anyone, to a girl he just met. When all the while he had every chance to kill her and he doesn’t seem to care about the map at all. With Poe, it was a whole different story all together. I remember thinking in the theater, What is he doing? What is going on here? Something is not right. This isn’t just a villain. There’s something more going on here. He then questions her a second time in the book about if she was just a scavenger. But he sensed her embarrassment and ends up switching to a different subject which was about the droid. What?????? He cared about her feelings!!!!!

So tell me, where is it in the movie and book that Kylo wants to kill Rey? Because so far it just keeps getting juicy😏

Especially when he says, “I know you’ve seen the map,” he repeated. “It’s what I need. At the moment, it is all that I need.” When she maintained her silence, he almost sighed. “I can take whatever I want.”

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If they had added that entire dialogue to the movie, that interrogation scene would of had a lot more sexual tension than what it already has. What does he mean when he says, “At the moment, it is all that I need.” ????? Yeah, he sure sounds like a villain……

Her muscles tightened. “Then you don’t need me to tell you anything.”

“True.” He rose, resigned. “I would have preferred to avoid this. Despite what you may believe, it gives me no pleasure. I will go as easily as possible - but  I will take what I need.”

Again, he wasn’t planning on hurting or killing her. He doesn’t want to mind probe her and he was going to go as easily as possible. So again, where is it that he’s trying to kill her?

So instead of going for the map, he begins to play into her painful memories which is the pain that she is experiencing - there’s no physical pain. And a moment later, she mind probes him back (because she was, to her surprise, open to his mind as well) and exposes his pain/fear.

And getting back to the part in the woods when he says, “So afraid.” And then he tells her in the interrogation room, “Don’t be afraid, I feel it too.” Between the woods and the interrogation room, he’s clearly trying not to hurt or frighten her which is impossible to do because he’s with the First Order. So why would he say these things to her and treat her a lot more gentle than he did Poe? But yet, antis say that this scene/page was violent and mind-rape😑

So later, in Snoke’s chamber - Snoke reveals to Kylo: “You have compassion for her.” Which is HUGE! If you seen episode 2, you’ll know why. But it’s because of that, and so many other things going on, is the reason I see a Reylo romance happening in the near future. The way he treats her, especially if he has been having visions about her, I think in the exact end of their battle in TFA, he is in the beginning stage of falling in love with her. I know that people would disagree with me and that’s okay but that’s my personal opinion. Snoke revealed to him that he has compassion for her even though Kylo did try to deny it. “Compassion which I would define as unconditional love.” Of course he would have compassion for someone like her that was abandoned on a horrible planet because he feels abandoned by his own parents as well. I think it will take Rey a lot longer to even feel compassion and fall in love with him but it’s a space opera as they said many times. You have so many relationships in the Star Wars universe that started off just as rocky. So how can anyone say that Kylo and Rey are not going to fall in love? It’s a huge possibility like so many other possibilities that I could see happening within this story. It could go so many ways. Personally, I don’t see Reylo fully happening until Episode 9. 

So when we get to the battle and I was very surprised by this when first watching the movie, Kylo could had easily pushed her off the cliff and kill her but he didn’t. He literally pleaded and offer her to become his apprentice. And when the fight is over, Rey heard a voice inside her had, Kill him. And she knew that it would be so easy and quick. Funny thing is, it was the dark side telling her to do it. Isn’t Kylo on the dark side? The book says, She recoiled from it. From the dark side.

Neither of them wants to kill each other…..

There’s so many questions left unanswered. Even Kylo’s treatment to Rey clearly says, there’s a lot more to this story. I’m also a believer that they may have developed a force bond in the interrogation room. A bond like that forms when master and apprentice truly understands each other. And in some ways, they do understand each other. The big one is: Abandonment.

I also noticed in the TLJ trailer which I have talked about before. We see a scene of her charging on a war path while we see Kylo - less aggressive than her but still intense - seemingly looking as if he’s withdrawing his lightsaber downward.

So, yeah. Honestly, Rey would make a better villain than Kylo but that could have something to do with the theory that her name “Rey” being close “Ren” which I explain a lot, is hinting that she does come from dark origins which would be awesome and it would be a lot like the Darth Revan story. But with or without a force bond, I definitely see a romance happening <3

okay so i just met kylo and i walked in all “I DRESSED LIKE YOU” and he just stares at me and then looks at my bag on the floor all “I see you have brought the droid” and I was like “YES I BROUGHT BB-8 FOR YOU” and he’s like “you betrayed them for the dark side, good” and then we took our pic and then I was all “can we get a selfie I got u the droid” and he said “fine” so we took it n then i waved goodbye and as I was leaving he was watching me so I bLEW HIM A KISS