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Vampire Academy (Carry On Countdown Dec 11th)

I loved the VA series when I was in high school (still do). I’ve included enough info in the fic so even if you haven’t read the series you should be able to understand :) I hope you enjoy @carryon-countdown


Simon never questioned his status as a novice guardian. He knew it was his job to protect the moroi (mortal, magical, and humane vampires) from the strigoi (immoral, undead, and evil vampires) who hunted them down. As a dhampir (half human and half moroi) Simon was stronger than the moroi or any human but his strength and abilities would do nothing against a strigoi without the proper training.
This was why he was going to St. Vladimir’s Academy to train. As a senior it was time for Simon to do six weeks of field-experience training. Simon would be assigned a moroi student to protect against school guardians (who would pretend to be strigoi). Simon was definitely one of the strongest guardians there, so he wasn’t overly concerned. He was concerned about who he’d be paired up with to guard.
Penny Bunce, one of the other stronger guardians, sat beside him. She was his best friend.
“I hope I don’t get a royal,” Penny scrunched her nose.
The moroi had a queen and royal families. While it was a nice paying job to guard royals they tended to be stuck up and cruel.
“Yeah me too.” Simon sighed.
They started pairing people up. Penny got paired with Agatha Wellbelove, one of the few genuinely kind royals. Simon had to wait much longer because of his last name. When they finally got to S last names he felt his body shaking.
“Simon Snow and Basilton Pitch.”
He felt his stomach drop. Across the room Baz frowned in dismay and locked eyes with him. It was clear neither student was happy with the arrangement. Simon wanted to go talk to the guardians and argue about his assignment but he knew it was useless. They wouldn’t change their minds and complaining would just make him look immature.
Simon would have taken anyone else over Basilton Pitch. His father was currently next in line for the throne and his mother had come from a long line of very powerful royal moroi. Baz knew this and threw it around as much as he could. He wasn’t just spoiled though, which was the worst part, he was also cruel.
Simon walked over to him stiffly.
“Hello Basilton. I’ll make sure to be a proper guardian for the next six weeks.”
Baz raised an eyebrow. “Will you?”
Simon nodded. “I’ll stay by your side day and night. I know it’s practice but…I’m very dedicated.”
Baz’s face crumpled dramatically. “That’s what I was worried about.”
Simon would be sharing a room with this moroi for the next six weeks. He would be eating, sleeping, and talking with him 24/7 and he couldn’t even complain about it. Because guardians didn’t complain, they just got the work done. It would be a long six weeks.


It was week three of being guarded by dhampir super star Simon Snow. Baz wished he could back out of the assignment completely but it was a required exercise for both senior dhampirs and moroi.
Simon Snow was someone that, up until now, Baz had admired from afar. He was incredibly attractive, not uncommon for a dhampir. His blonde curls, tan skin, and blue eyes stood out from the others. But that wasn’t what had caught Baz’s attention. It had been the way the dhampir was always practicing, always trying in class, and always on guard.
Simon Snow committed to everything he did. This included guarding Baz as if his life depended on it. For Simon it didn’t seem to matter that these weren’t real strigoi, or that some of the guardians were teachers, he acted as if they were serious threats to Baz’s life. Baz was aware that Simon was shaping up to be one of the best guardians and he knew other moroi were watching hungrily.
When they all graduated, Simon would be assigned a moroi to guard. With skill such as his, many important royals would be clamoring for him. Baz wanted desperately to request Simon as his guardian, but not for the right reasons. He wanted Simon as his guardian so he would always be around, so that Baz wouldn’t have to let go of him.
Basilton Pitch was in love with Simon Snow.
Simon was a dhampir, meaning moroi society would never approve of him as a match for Baz. It was impossible to consider a relationship, but still Baz burned to request for him.
Besides, most dhampirs died on duty. Baz couldn’t let some other helpless and lazy royal nab Snow. He would get killed within the first year. Baz had something other moroi didn’t, deadly fire magic. Whereas the other moroi did parlor tricks with their magic Baz could fight. He would be able to protect Simon better than any other charge could.
He glanced at Simon next to him who was eating sloppily. His smile was easy for Baz’s friend Agatha but his eyes weren’t there. Baz watched Simon scan the room continuously, all while holding a very normal conversation.
“Penny I would just love it if you’d let me request you at graduation. You’re the best, no offense Simon. And it wouldn’t be like it is with the others…I consider you a real friend.”
Penny smiled. “I would love that Agatha. I really lucked out with you.”
Simon’s smile disappeared.
Baz spoke casually, “I’m thinking of requesting you myself Simon. You’re not so bad at this whole guardian thing.”
He watched Simon tense up. Baz sighed internally. The issue was, even though Baz was in love with Simon, Simon seemed to hate him. Which after years of unfortunate rumors and political posturing Baz couldn’t really blame him for.
“I’ll think about it. Thank you for the honor.”


Simon didn’t hate the idea of guarding Baz after high school. Over the past six weeks he had learned a lot about him. For instance, Simon found out that Baz hated the politics of his family. He only went to events out of familial obligation. He also learned his mother had been killed by strigoi two years ago. A former family friend, David something or other, had betrayed them and told the strigoi where to find his family. His mother had fought them off with fire magic long enough for Baz and his father to get away. But she hadn’t made it.
All of this new information helped Simon shift the way he saw the moroi teenager. Baz had had to deal with more than any of the other royals and wore it seamlessly. He hadn’t let pain interfere with his duty, something that Simon felt he had in common with him.
But that was the issue. Simon didn’t hate the idea of guarding Baz anymore; in fact he liked it. He liked the way Baz’s black hair looked like when he woke up in the morning. He liked the way Baz’s grey eyes crinkled when Simon made a good joke. He even liked the delicate shape of his fangs when he fed. Simon Snow was falling in love with Baz and that complicated everything.
He knew he could never be with Baz. Dhampirs were looked down upon by other moroi, especially the royal ones. If Baz’s father were to become king, Baz would almost certainly be married off to a wealthy moroi princess. Could Simon guard Baz everyday while watching all of that?
Still, the thought of letting anyone else guard Baz made him nauseous. Strigoi were killing moroi off faster and faster these days. Simon was confident that he could protect Baz better than most guardians out there. Even if it was torment to watch him and not be with him, he knew it would be better than the alternative.
It was the last day of the exercise. Baz sat in the cafeteria eating a bagel and talking to Penny and Agatha. Simon felt nervous as he tapped him.
“Can I talk to you?”
Baz’s eyes widened. “Uh. Sure.”
They walked over to an alcove. Simon looked at his hands nervously instead of Baz’s face.
“I thought about your offer, you know me guarding you and all. And I, uh, well I accept.”
Baz didn’t say anything for a moment. Simon looked up and saw that Baz was blushing pretty fiercely for a moroi.
“I…okay. Good. I’m glad. You’ll make a fine guardian.”
Simon felt his chest burst with warmth. He would do anything he could to protect Baz. In a classic gesture, Simon bowed.
“It will be my honor.”

7 Fictional Schools to Enroll At If Your Hogwarts Letter Never Arrives

If you walked into the halls on your first day this year wishing they had a little more of any of the above: magic, adventure, romance, or secrets – this roundup is for you. It may be too late to switch schools now, but read on for 7 to consider transferring to at the semester!

1. Grove Academy from Rebel Belle & Miss Mayhem 

It’s Harper Price and some of her classmates that make first period a little more than ordinary: after an incident at a school dance, she acquires crazy powers and becomes one in a line of ancient guardians. Maybe think twice about borrowing her lip gloss. And look out for the third book, LADY RENEGADES, on April 12th 2016!

2. St. Vladimir’s Academy from Vampire Academy

This is where vampires go to get an education in magic, half-human teens train to protect them, and you go when you’re craving a binge-reading session that will turn you into a nocturnal creature. 

2. The Academy from Zodiac

Two notes: 1. expect astrology to be on the final and 2. you may also be tasked with uniting twelve worlds as one Zodiac against an exiled guardian who’s returned to seek revenge. 

4. Blythewood Academy from the Blythewood Series

A suggested packing list for this elite girls’ boarding school: a toothbrush, any extraordinary powers you might have, and a keen eye for the distinction between good and evil.

5. J.P. Zenger High from Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie & Sophomores and Other Oxymorons

Hear us out: while you may think you’re walking into an ordinary day in a high school just like your own, it 100% won’t be because you’ll have Scott guiding you through with his infinite wisdom. Case in point:

“If you’re friends with a girl in kindergarten, try to stay friends with her when you get older because otherwise she might forget she ever knew you, and she might get so drop-dead gorgeous you don’t have the guts to remind her that you once shared a pack of peanut-butter crackers.”

6. The School of America in Paris from Anna and the French Kiss

“Who sends their kid to boarding school? It’s so Hogwarts. Only mine doesn’t have cute boy wizards or magic candy or flying lessons.”

What you and Anna will learn pretty quickly is that Paris is FULL of cute boys, even if they’re not wizards, and that wishes have a way of coming true in the city of lights.

7. Wexford Boarding School from the Shades of London Series

Well, you definitely won’t be bored starting a new boarding school in London while a killer is mimicking the deeds of Jack the Ripper and you can tag along with Louisiana teen Rory…who’s the only one who can see him.


1x01: Welcome to Vampire Academy

In the series premiere, Rose Hathaway, 17, and her best friend Lissa are dragged back to their school, St. Vladimir’s Academy, after a year on the run. Upon their return, they are surprised to discover that both everything and nothing have changed about the place and people they left behind. Starring Jennifer Studnicki. Travis James. Ashley Lyn Blair.