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St. Vincent

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Us the depressive people, we sometimes made a silent cry for help. One which we want nobody to hear but at the same time it is imperative to us to communicate our anxiety in such a cryptic way that it beats the purpose of communicating it in the very first place. That’s the quirk of being depressive, you find it that you need to scream to people but at the same time you don’t want people to hear your scream. In St Vincent’s Surgeon, we might find a perfect example of such silent plea for help, for someone to fix something that is wrong with us.
Her name is Annie Clark, but St. Vincent is her stage name, out of reference to a Nick Colbert Song. Her live performance include Toko Yasudio, Matt Johnson, and Daniel Mintseris. Their third album, Strange Mercy is perhaps the most powerful sounds of them I have ever known. Chloe in The Afternoon was clever piece of riff and drums combined with vibrant use of synths. While Year of the Tiger was instantly likeable with its attractive riffs.

The lyrics were picturesque and is flowing smoothly at the same time. I like the drum part in the entire song, it was very punctual I cannot help but enjoyed it. Annie sings like she wanted the world to know about her anxiety problem. She begs for a fix (best finest surgeon/ come cut me open), and cuts a little about a strained relationship to parents (…if mother calls/ she knows well we don’t get along). But as the song reached its final part it turned into somewhat chaotic guitar play. That is a properly strange way to send this song off. I have to say that Annie’s guitar part was really sick and I have never heard sounds like that before.

The intro is a bit like a five second cut from a movie, a Chinese one apparently. It’s a song to hear in that part of the day when you silently cried for help. Pretty much like getting a beer in the morning. I recommend you to be careful when asking other people to hear this song, not many people can appreciate this kind of song properly.

It just that St. Vincent made it easy for depressed people to realize that they are in need of a fix.You might want to see this video where they performed this song live on 4AD session.


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deletingthisnow  asked:

Can you make an "I'm in love and you aren't, but who cares because I'm in love" playlist?

Here you go!

  1. Arctic Monkeys- 505
  2. Phoenix- Chloroform
  3. John Mayer- Edge of Desire
  4. Daft Punk- Instant Crush
  5. Arctic Monkeys- I Wanna Be Yours
  6. Foster The People- Love
  7. Arctic Monkeys- Only Ones Who Know
  8. Vampire Weekend- Campus
  9. Marrow- She Chose You
  10. The Strokes- Under Control
  11. St. Vincent- Surgeon
  12. The Kooks- Fa La La