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Daily Horoscopes - March 17th, 2017

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to anyone who is celebrating! Please be safe during any rituals and drink responsibly (or get hella turnt but have someone keep an eye on you).

ARIES: You’re still trying to make nice-nice between family members who haven’t spoken in… oh, who knows how long? And why? You’ve put your all into it. Isn’t it time for them to start trying too? Let yourself off the hook.

TAURUS: You’re sure that keeping quiet for one second longer will drive you nuts, but give it a shot. Some secrets aren’t meant to be shared, not with anyone. This just might be one of them.

GEMINI: How can it feel like a holiday on a workday? It’s not surprising, since your coworkers are also your friends. Have some fun. You can work extra hard later on in the week.

CANCER: It’s time to get out there and see if you can find someone who’s not afraid to return a long, lingering stare without blinking. Even if they give in before you do – well, isn’t that even more appealing?

LEO: Don’t blame the family member that’s trying too hard to get on your good side. They know what they might be losing, and they don’t want that to happen. At least understand that they care.

VIRGO: After days of ‘being nice’ you’ve had it. It’s time to return to your usual style: blunt and honest. You may want to keep a secret under wraps for a few days longer, though. Think of it as mercy.

LIBRA: You’re about to meet someone you’ll find extremely interesting. The reason you’ll fine them interesting however, is because they’re just a bit ‘dangerous’. Be sure it’s only a bit.

SCORPIO: Be careful what you say now, because even if you don’t intend to be so, each and every syllable you utter could hurt someone. If you’re angry, your best bet might be to just keep quiet.

SAGITTARIUS: Someone who’s in the regular crew you associate with is considering what it would take for you to step up and take charge – basically, to assume control of the steering wheel. Don’t be modest. Agree. But ask for a contract.

CAPRICORN: What a great way to start the day – with a nice, strong dose of romance. Whether you’re single or attached, you’re going to feel like a teenager. And you just wait – there’s even more in store!

AQUARIUS: You’ve got energy to burn and it’s a good thing. The universe has arranged an extremely busy day for you – you might even call it frenetic. Just stay calm and keep the coffee intake to a minimum.

PISCES: Hopefully, you weren’t planning on getting any rest tonight, because that’s just not going to happen. You may be able to relax, but don’t count on getting to sleep early.

The Signs as My Favorite Movies Part 1

Aries: Wolf Children

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Taurus: Pride and Prejudice (2005)

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Gemini: The Last Unicorn

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Cancer: The Fantastic Mr. Fox

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Leo: The Princess Bride

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Virgo: Breakfast At Tiffany’s

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Libra: The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Scorpio: Edward Scissorhands

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Sagittarius: Serenity

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Capricorn: LOTR

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Aquarius: Jane Eyre

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Pisces: Meet Me In St. Louis

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what the signs are doing for st patrick’s day

aquarius: making friends with drunk strangers

pisces: passing out by noon

aries: barhopping all day

taurus: getting lit in the street

gemini: dancing on tables

cancer: drunkenly crying in the bathroom

leo: dressing cute even though it’s freezing outside

virgo: trying green beer for the first time

libra: only having one or two drinks

scorpio: rallying til 3 am

sagittarius: finding a place to dance to live music

capricorn: avoiding the crowds by drinking at home

  • *at bart's with molly*
  • sherlock: i want to go for a drink on every street where we solved a murder.
  • sherlock: *opens file*
  • molly: is that john's head glued on to the vitruvian man?
  • sherlock: yes...
  • molly:
  • sherlock:
  • molly:
  • sherlock: anyway...

yo ok I just had a thought and I hate myself for it already but… the reason why victor buys so much brand clothes and accessories, isn’t it bc he has nothing/no one to spend the money on? we literally don’t know anything about his family, yakov is the only father figure victor mentions, and even around his apartment there are no pictures of his life/family, just some landscapes and stuff that doesn’t even feel personal

so is it actually possible that victor splurges on his shopping just to make himself feel a bit better about being alone bc he has no one to share his earnings with…? 

The signs and which glee couple is their parents:
  • Aries: Puck and Quinn
  • Taurus: Tina and Artie
  • Gemini: Kurt and Blaine
  • Cancer: Mike and Tina
  • Leo: Rachel and Jesse
  • Virgo: Kurt and Blaine
  • Libra: Finn and Rachel
  • Scorpio: Brittany and Santana
  • Sagittarius: Sam and Mercedes
  • Capricorn: Rachel and Jesse
  • Aquarius: Puck and Quinn
  • Pisces: Brittany and Santana

HAPPY st. patrick’s day to all Irish people out there 🍀🎉🍀
And for my favourite Irishman 

//(u.u)\ @therealjacksepticeye  (つˆ⌣ˆ)つ⊂(・ヮ・⊂)



80′s Teen Movie Characters With Your Sign

aries// John Bender (The Breakfast Club), Jason Dean (Heathers)

taurus// Bill S. Preston Esquire (Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure), Steve Randle (The Outsiders)

gemini// Allison Reynolds (The Breakfast Club), Ronald Miller (Can’t Buy Me Love)

cancer// Samantha Baker (Sixteen Candles), Richard Parker (Weekend at Bernie’s)

leo// Ferris Bueller (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), Jules Van Patton (St. Elmo’s Fire)

virgo// Andy Clark (The Breakfast Club), Heather Duke (Heathers)

libra// Mikey Walsh (The Goonies), Stacey Hamilton (Fast Times at Ridgemont High)

scorpio// Veronica Sawyer (Heathers), Mouth Devereaux (The Goonies)

sagittarius// Marty McFly (Back to the Future), Betelgeuse (Beetlejuice)

capricorn// Alec Newbarry (St. Elmo’s Fire), Axel Foley (Beverly Hills Cop)

aquarius// Kevin Dolenz (St.Elmo’s Fire), Duckie Dale (Pretty in Pink)

pisces// Brian Johnson (The Breakfast Club), Baby Houseman (Dirty Dancing)

Signs as Pretty Little Liars Characters

Aries; Toby (courageous, passionate, confrontational)

Taurus; Ezra (independant, persistant, possessive)

Gemini; Mona (intellectual, witty, superficial)

Cancer; Emily (loving, protective, clingy)

Leo; Alison (loyal, straightforward, dominating)

Virgo; Melissa (practical, analytical, overcritical)

Libra; Hanna (charming, balanced, indecisive)

Scorpio; Jenna (focused, intuitive, manipulative)

Sagittarius; Caleb (philosophical, adventurous, inconsistant)

Capricorn; Spencer (ambitious, disciplined, detached)

Aquarius; Maya (humanitarian, inventive, extremist)

Pisces; Aria (compassionate, sensitive, escapist)

The signs as people on St. Patricks day

Aries: The one that goes all out, green body paint, clothes, everything

Taurus: Forgot about it, so quickly drew with a green marker on your hand

Gemini: Remembered and wore a green shirt

Cancer: One of the pinchers, pinching everyone not wearing green.

Leo: Annoying dude who keeps telling everyone it’s st. patty’s day repeatedly

Virgo: The person that for some reason decorated their house for it

Libra: The guy that uses it as an excuse to get drunk

Scorpio: The friend who has to help their half-drunk Libra friend

Sagittarius: The one Irish person thats offended of everything going on

Capricorn: Happy bc they got the day off from work/school

Aquarius: That one guy talking with a bad Irish accent

Pisces: Sad bc they have to work/go to school