st peters dome

Although the letters lining the dome look small in this picture, they are actually 2 meters tall (6′6″). It says in Latin “you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church…I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven…

St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City

Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano / St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican, Rome, Italy

A History of Architecture on the Comparative Method by Sir Banister Fletche

kreeblimsabs  asked:

*Feel free to change the pairing if your muse doesn't connect to it or if you don' like the pairing. * 48. "Boo" Sevmione

Here you go dear, thans for the prompt


Hermione Granger was going to die.

She stood in the dark, one hand clutching the stich in her side, the other on the rough stone wall.  The corridor that she was in took one sharp curve and continued on to reveal a set of stairs.

Even more stairs.  

She tried to steady her breathing but found it impossible, the air in her throat was razor sharp and yet somehow not enough of it seemed to arrive to her lungs. Her legs were agony, her eyes watered, she wanted very much to sit down and sulk for at least half a day. It was unfair.  

She was going to die in here.

She was going to die in this narrow corridor with no proper windows, in the cold surrounded by hundreds of strangers passing her with indifferent or pitying expressions. Hermione took in one more breath and glared at the couple passing her as she stood trying to get her legs to work again.

‘You all right there?’

Hermione looked up. The quite intimidating figure of Severus Snape was looming over her. Somehow he had managed to turn around on the stairs and walk back against the stream of tourists climbing up the St. Peter dome. He stood in the middle of the narrow staircase actually forcing people to either wait or go around him. His face was impassive as he stared down at her hands in the pockets of his jeans.  A t shirt showcasing the Ghostbusters hung loosely around his too thin frame, the stupid boo saying ghost on it smirked at Hermione.

She glared at it. Severus lifted an eyebrow continuing to stare at her impassively. All to make her feel eleven years old again. She was going to kill him.  

‘I….am f-fine’ she managed. He smirked.

Yes, killing him might work.

‘This was your idea. I told you St. Peter will not have me’ he said.

She took in another breath ‘How are you not even tired?’

‘Magic’ he responded his face still expressionless making it impossible for her to tell if he was joking, mocking her, being sarcastic or God forbid sincere.

‘’Healer Pane said no magic for at least another month!’

He rolled his eyes turned and started up the stairs again.

‘You spent three month in a hospital!’ she shouted at his retreating back causing people to look back at her.

Stubborn mule.

Hermione shut her eyes trying to get her sore feet back into motion again. If her calculations had been correct they had made it up one third of the way.

She moved, one hand still on the rough stone wall.  Whose idea was this anyway?

She should know better than this. She could still remember Severus lying in bed hooked up to God knows what kind of combination of magical and muggle machineries to help him eat and talk and breath and live. She couldn’t stop shaking the first time she had seen that monstrous machine behind his bed and him so small and somehow broken lying there without being able to move. Only his eyes had been the same, flashing dangerously at her as she walked into the small white room.

It had been early summer and the contradiction of the outside sun and the shadows inside had struck her as indecent. She had convinced herself that it was her duty to come to this place where the pain of the war was still palpable, where she felt her careful control slip and her limbs starting to shake as her mind and the different intricate walls that she had built in there, crumbled to dust and ashes.

She had walked on. It had taken her five turns around the same floor following the cries of some desperate residual of humanity until she bumped into a nurse and stumbled over her request, Harry’s request, to come see him. Snape had managed to block Harry out entirely, even the staff refused him entry but she was a moot point. He had not mentioned not wanting to see her and besides she was the muggle born war hero after all.

The startled healer with her pale brown eyes had shown her to the right door and left her to contemplate opening it. Hermione had done so on her second breath.  

It had been light and empty in the room and she had lasted all of five minutes.

The bite had destroyed Snape’s ability to speak or swallow properly, oxygen deprivation to his brain had caused damage to his ability to keep proper balance but the venom had been the worst of it. It had somehow altered his magic forcing him to re-learn spells as if he were a student at Hogwarts instead of the fearsome dungeon bat, worst teacher she, Hermione Granger, had ever had.

Yet Hermione had felt no pity. He simply did not allow it.

The small room that they had stashed him away in looked like a tomb windowless and stale the odor of a muggle hospital filling every crack in the wall. She had asked for a different room, demanded to see a healer and then sat there day after day talking. First about his ailments and her progress at getting the right healer interested in his medical case and the right lawyer interested in his legal one. He had endured it silently, slept through most of it actually, which had been lucky for her.  

When he was able to speak there was a sweet scent to the air and Harry had resorted to sending owls. She collected the letters paid and fed the birds and watched the stack of them pile up unread on his new nightstand.  

The topic of conversation had turned to her, her parents, her friends her luckless tries at getting a job and her figuring out that apart from knowing how to vanquish a Dark Lord she knew pretty much nothing else, that she was useless. She needed her parents. She didn’t know how to get her parents back.

‘Cry’ he had whispered one day as she sat on the edge of his bed her feet tucked under the blankets.


And she had cried leaning over until she was curled up on the bed next to him with his arms around her. How he had gotten back the use of his body or the command over his wand she didn’t know but after that day she had spent crying in his arms Severus Snape pulled himself back from the arms of death and settled straight into hers.

‘What is the first thing you want to do once you can get out of here?’ she asked looking around at the now sunny white room with lots of windows.

He shrugged. ‘I’d like to get out of here’ he said with emphasis.

So they had done that. Rome had been his idea apparently; he had always wanted to visit. But this ridiculous climb up to the top of the St. Peter that bright idea had been hers. It was so stupid, so reckless so…so…

‘So Gryffindor’ she exclaimed. A boy in a bright purple T-shirt stared at her. She had to resist the urge to stick her tongue out at him. Now that she thought about it, the idea was absurd. Severus had been out of the hospital for less than a month, she was still waking up at night terrified of…something, something going wrong checking his breathing as he slept. He had been without the cane today and the guards at the entrance had let them in amongst the clamor of people talking in every language on earth. She didn’t give herself time to look at the church properly wanting to get up the dome as soon as she had set eyes on it outside. It was like something was pulling her up there, something that she now could admit to herself had to do with pride and anger.

She wanted.

She wanted to do something again. To dare her body to its limits, to try again, to do something impossible.

She wanted to be Hermione Granger again.

The thought that she was actually going to kill Severus settled uncomfortably somewhere between her ribs pushing her onwards.  He had said nothing of her mad desire to get to the top of the church mumbling something about at least not using a dragon this time and had let her drag him along in the day’s heat towards the entrance. He had said nothing as they stood in the cramped elevator and again nothing the first time she had gotten too badly out of breath and stopped for a rest. She had felt stupid that first time sitting on a window ledge and trying to catch her breath. A dark haired woman of a beauty Hermione had rarely encountered had sat next to her, out of breath and red-faced and the two of them had laughed at each other in an exhilarated way.

Severus for his part had chosen one pace of walking and had stuck to it without as much as breaking a sweat doubling back on occasion to check on her after she had given up on keeping up with him.

The staircase continued on and Hermione climbed dutifully, hating her tired limbs and trying to think of it as Hogwarts nothing more than a climb to the Astronomy tower or Professor’s Trelawney’s smelly room.

But it wasn’t quite like that this was not a castle and these walls held no comfort.

The stairs turned, leading her into a new passage.

Hermione looked up. The hallway was narrow, lit only with what seemed to her tired eyes to be torches although logic dictated that was not possible. There were even more stairs the passageway here was made in a way that only allowed one person to walk through it. She filled into a line behind a skinny middle-aged man with a huge mustache who was talking raptly to another skinny middle aged man that looked to be his brother.


She turned and smiled.

‘What are you still doing here?’

She thought Severus would be up the dome a long time ago. He shook his hair out of his face and looked at her, the corners of his mouth twitching.


‘You look a right mess’ he said smiling.

‘Thank you so much’ she muttered. She lifted her hand thinking to make something of her hair but then decided that it was too much trouble.

‘Are you tired?’

He nodded. ‘Come on. I wanted to wait for you, after this point there is no way of going back.’

There is no way of going back.

She looked at him at the light falling through a narrow window and illuminating the tip of his overly large nose in a way that made her bite her lip to keep from laughing. She looked at the stairs again, how much farther could it be? A thousand steps or a thousand more she didn’t care. Her arms were tired so she wrapped them around Severus pushing him back into a nook to allow others to pass them.

‘If you want to go back..’ he grumbled somewhere above her head.

Hermione smiled, closed her eyes and listened to his irregular breathing.

She never wanted to go back.