st peter cross

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could you draw more pastel olly because that is something i'd like to see more of

ahah This is so late sorry! He hates it but Glam and Ruca are havin’ fun at least! The original pastel Olly post here  Thank you sweet evil anon <3

Me being haunted
  • Demon: Flips all my crosses upside-down
  • Me: Actually, that's St. Peter's cross, a true satanic cross is really-
  • Demon: Holy shit what a fucking loser

Satanic Nun #1: This…This is so blasphemous!

Satanic Nun #2: I love it!

Satanic Nun #3: So does St. Peter. The inverted cross symbolizes his-

Satanic Nun #1: Shut it, OK? You wanted pentagrams and corpse paint and we compromised on inverted crosses and blurry eyes-

Satanic Nun #3: Blurry eyes? The red eyes from a camera flash are more Satanic than blurry eyes! We look like the blurry eyed St. Peter fan club!

Satanic Nun #1: Are you finished? We all agreed on the blurry eyes, because many of us had concerns about the corpse paint. Sister Candace was worried it might not come off-

Satanic Nun #2: I was.

Satanic Nun #3: Shut up, Candace! I don’t think you’re really a Satanic nun!

Satanic Nun #2: I am too. I have listened to and enjoyed the heavy metal band Darkthrone.

Satanic Nun #3: Name one Darkthrone song.

Satanic Nun #2: Ummm…“This Jesus Must Die”.

Satanic Nun #3: That’s a song from Jesus Christ Superstar!

Satanic Nun #2: Well, it sounded like heavy metal to me!