st peter cross

Someone submitted an image of an upside down cross, followed by a very vulgar comment under the assumption it is satantic.

Dude. You do realize there is nothing satantic about that. That’s St Peters cross. Y'know, the first pope, very holy man. Id post it but the added comment is far too vulgar for this blog. Honestly this one is just funny.

anonymous asked:

Ah crap... the rending of the veil in the temple. I've studied theology extensively, and that's such an important moment in the bible. It symbolises that with Christ's death, God would no longer dwell only in the temple and only be accesible to the people who sacrificed and made offerings, but would instead come to dwell among all the people of the world and forgive all people's sins no matter who they were or what they had done.

“The things of the temple were shadows of things to come, and they all ultimately point us to Jesus Christ. He was the veil to the Holy of Holies, and through His death the faithful now have free access to God.”

Okay, this is REAL interesting. Because aside from a few very passing parallels, we haven’t had many New Testament references in SPN at ALL. Like, there was a crack about Luke and we see crosses, but all the god and angel stuff is very OLD Testament.  And now we’re seeing a satantic/St. Peters Cross, MULTIPLE references to other new testament stuff. Heck, Cas is going to rise on the third day episode.

Now, I don’t think Jesus is going to come into play here, but this idea of creating a new world, a new paradise when God has abandoned the world and the Winchesters…that’s an interesting them. 

I’m basically saying, yes,  Jack is sorta jesus? Maybe? Their Anti-Christ is actual Christ? I mean…JaCk. There’s possibilities. 

Last season we had Mother Mary, now we have the Fathers, Son and Cas the Holy Ghost.

I need to stop…

St. Peter's Cross vs. Inverted Crucifix

Okay, so yeah. I did some googling. An upside down cross is not a Satanic symbol. It’s a St. Peter’s cross (St. Peter chose to be crucified upside down), which is a Christian symbol. If there is a corpus, however, it is not a St. Peter’s cross; it’s an inverted crucifix. An inverted crucifix is used as a symbol for the anti-Christ (there’s a thing with Satanists where you invert religious symbols to get their antithesis: a crucifix is Christ so an inverted crucifix is the anti-Christ, Christ died at 3 p.m. so 3 a.m. is the devil’s hour, etc.) during Satanic black Masses. So where an upside down cross is either a Christian symbol or a symbol that you’re a super edgy hipster who doesn’t do his/her research, an upside down Crucifix is apparently a symbol used by actual desecrate-the-Eucharist, goat-skulls-and-demon-worship Satanists (and apparently also super edgy hipsters on Tumblr).