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anonymous asked:

Hi i'm going to London tomorrow for the first time ever and i'm super excited. But i have absolutely no idea where to go or what to do. I know you love it there and I was wondering if you could recommend places/things? shops/streets/restaurants/etc anything would be great. thanks

  • Primrose Hill (there are lots of cute shops there and the park’s view is amazing; a brilliant reading spot).
  • Westfield (shopping centre).
  • Camden Lock Market (if you’re into vintage clothing, and they have all kinds of mouthgasm food stalls; Indian, Chinese, Japanese, French, etc.).
  • Greenwich (The Royal Observatory is cool if you’re into history).
  • There’s a tiny little restaurant in Covent Garden called ‘Crème de la Crêpe’ and they have the best Crêpes in the world (it’s very small though so you may have to search a while).
  • You should definitely go on a shopping spree to Oxford Street/Bond Street. The Topshop is massive!
  • National History Museum is v. impressive. 
  • If you’re hungry; go to Borough Market.
  • Southbank book market (if you’re into books).
  • Neal’s Yard.
  • The British Library (if you have a few hours to spare you can go in and actually TOUCH the books of hundreds of years old, you won’t be able to take your phone, coat, food, bag or anything sharp in though so someone will have to wait outside).
  • You have to go see a musical, it’s an amazing experience I promise. (you could go to London Palladium or Lyceum Theatre?).
  • Sea Life London Aquarium.
  • Harrods (It’s a must).
  • Right opposite St. Pancras/ King’s Cross there’s a restaurant called ‘Karpo’ and it’s one of my favourite lunch places in London, they have the best food.
  • China Town is really picturesque at night.
  • Portobello
  • Don’t, I repeat don’t go anywhere near The Big Ben, The London Eye or The Tower Bridge on your last night because they’ll look magical with all their lights and you’ll never want to leave again and cry.