st michael and st george


Thug Rose.

We did it! I mean, you did it! The Champ Is Here!!!

History was made tonight.

All three champions lost their belts at UFC 217 in New York, but Rose Namajunas did what not many thought was possible for her to accomplish, and that was defeat the undefeated champion, Joanna Jedrzejczyk, to become the new UFC Strawweight Champion of the world.

Well done. 💯

Crystals tip #1

A cheap and fun way to incorporate stones and crystals in spells, especially if you’re new to the use of crystals, is to use crystal chip beads. They are sold in long strands and are usually very affordable (about 2€/2$ each). They can be used in many ways, and I love how versatile and easy they are to use. Don’t be fooled by their size: tiny crystals carry as much power as the big ones, but they are much cheaper and convenient.

🔮  You can use them in… 🔮

  • Jar spells: just put a couple of crystals in your jar along with the other ingredients to enhance the power of your spell.
  • Mojo bags: you can fill small fabric bags with all sorts of herbs, oils and other ingredients. Adding the right stone can help you obtain a more effective spell.
  • Tiny talismans: you can take one or more different crystal beads and use them to create charms to carry around with you. Cleanse the crystals with some sage or incense and focus your intention on what you want the crystals to do (bring protection, courage, attract love…)
  • Magic room sprays: put some crystals along with some water and essential oils in a spray bottle and use it to cleanse and protect your room or your house.
     If you want to light up romance with your loved one, spray water infused with rose quarts, rose and jasmine essential oils and some basil leaves around the room.
    For a very strong protection use holy water, obsidian and mint (I would suggest doing this if you think you’re under the effects of a psychic attack or malocchio).

💎  My favorite crystals 💎 

  • Carnelian, which can be used to enhance courage and strength or to stimulate lust and sexual power. Use in combination with thyme, and with warrior deities such as St. George, St. Michael Archangel, Ogoun.
  • Rose Quartz, the stone of love and trust. It can be used to bring back romance in a relationship or to help build trust and friendship between two people. Use in combination with basil, and with love and beauty deities such as Erzulie Freda, Mater Dolorosa, Aphrodite
  • Fluorite, the crystal of wisdom and intelligence. As a scientist and a student I love this stone, because it helps me focus my intellectual energies and it brings clarity to my mind. Use in combination with sage, and with deities associated with wisdom, such as Athena, Isis, Ganesha.
  • Clear quartz, the most versatile stone, can be used for all sorts of spells and rituals. I find that staring into a piece of clear quarts helps me focus my intention and brings clarity and spiritual power. 

Happy spellcasting!


Orders of Chivalry in the Honours System of the British Empire arranged according to order of precedence. 

- The Most Noble Order of the Garter (founded 1348)

- The Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle (founded 1687)

- The Most Illustrious Order of St Patrick (founded 1783)

- The Most Honourable Order of the Bath (founded 1725)

- The Most Exalted Order of the Star of India (founded 1861)

- The Most Distinguished Order of St Michael & St George (founded 1818)

- The Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire (founded 1878)

- The Royal Victorian Order (founded 1896)

- The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (founded 1917)

- The Royal Victorian Chain is the monarch’s personal gift. (founded 1902)


The Most Badass Man in History — Lt. General Adrian Carton de Wiart

Born/Died: May 5th, 1880 - June 5th 1963

Military Service: British Army, 1899–1923, 1939–1947

Awards: Victoria Cross, Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire, Companion of the Order of Bath, Companion of the Order of St. Michael and St. George, Distinguished Service Order, Legion of Honour (France), Vituti Militari (Poland), Cross of Valor (Poland), Croix de Guerre (Belgium), Officer of the Order of the Crown (Belgium).

Wars/Conflicts: 2nd Boer War, Anglo Somali War, World War I (Western Front), Polish Soviet War, World War II (Europe and Pacific).

Wounded: 11 times, including face, groin, head, stomach, lungs, ankle, leg, hip, and ear.

Body Parts Lost: Left eye, left hand, part of left ear.

Plane Crashes Survived: 2

Prison Escapes: 7

Favorite Pastime: Hunting wild boars with a spear.

Friends With: Winston Churchill, Charles de Gaulle, Carl Gustav Mannerheim, Prince Karol Mikołaj Radziwiłł, Marshal Pilsudski, Pope Pius XI, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Chiang Kai Shek, and Clement Attlee.

Married to: Countess Friederike Maria Karoline Henriette Rosa Sabina Franziska Fugger von Babenhausen, Ruth Myrtle Muriel Joan McKechnie

Notable Quotes: “Governments may think and say as they like, but force cannot be eliminated, and it is the only real and unanswerable power. We are told that the pen is mightier than the sword, but I know which of these weapons I would choose.”

Notable Instances of Badassery

- Shot in the groin and stomach during the Boer Wars, recovered and returned to combat.

-While fighting against Mohammed “The Mad Mullah” bin Abdullah in Somalia he was shot in the face twice, losing an eye.  Continued fighting.

-World War I — Took command of three infantry battalions and a brigade when his superiors were killed.  Led from the front at all times.

-Bit off his own mangled fingers when a surgeon refused to amputate them.

-Shot through the skull and ankle at the Battle of the Somme, through the hip at the Battle of Passchendaele, through the leg at Cambrai, and through the ear at Arras.

-Thoughts on World War I: “Frankly, I enjoyed the war.”

-Supplied weapons to the Polish during the Polish Soviet War.

-Fought in a gunfight against a band of angry Cossacks.

-Seconded in a duel with Baron Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, later commander-in-chief of Finnish armies in World War II and President of Finland.

-World War II — House in Poland was bombed (with him in it) when the Germans invaded in 1939.  Escaped in a car to Romania as the German Air Force attempted to strafe and bomb him.

-Led British Ski Commandos in Norway.

-Survived airplane crash in the Mediterranean.  Swam 1 mile in freezing water to shore. Was captured by the enemy.

-The enemy considered him too “disabled” to live in a POW camp.  He was offered the chance to return home if he resigned from the British Army.  He refused and instead escaped from a POW camp after digging a tunnel for 7 months.

-In the last years of the war and after he served as a British ambassador in China.  Enjoyed watching Allied and Japanese fighters dogfighting from the bridge of the HMS Queen Elizabeth.

-Interrupted a propaganda speech by Mao Tse Tung to tell him he was a lunatic.

-In his old age he fell and injured his back.  During the resulting back surgery doctors removed “an incredible amount of shrapnel”.

Working with Warrior Saints (Santi Guerrieri)

In a tradition such as Sicilian stregoneria/benedicaria, where working with saints is foundational, specific categories have arisen as to which saint to call upon for any given need. Within Sicily, a land that has been wrought with wars, famine, plague, subjugation and revolution since the first tribes set foot on her volcanic soil, the most prominent of category of saints to be honored is that of the warrior saints. It would seem that in Sicily and amongst Sicilians even the most peaceful of saints can be given a warrior’s edge. These saints are called upon for protection against harm, natural disasters, disease, famine and injustice, they are the quickest to act, demand the greatest respect and for those who are acting unrighteously, the most to be feared.

With protective magic having the greatest emphasis within Sicilian folk religion, each maghi will always have their own band of warriors to fight for them and protect them at a moments notice. These saints are the ones to whom the most attention is given to insure that they will be there when the time comes for swords to be drawn either in defense or in a preemptive strike. While each maghi is unique, there are a few commonly held holy warriors:

- St. Michael the Archangel
- St. George the Martyr
- Madonna del Soccorso
- St. Barbara
- St. Paul
- St. Sebastian

Each of these saints can be petitioned in similar ways to gain their general protection. Start by lighting a red candle in front of their properly enshrined image, provide them with an offering and the weapon (bound with red ribbon) suitable to the particular saint, properly invoke said saint with a bell and a prayer of protection, and bless yourself with Holy Water. Follow this up with procuring a small token dedicated to that saint with which you will carry around on your person.

I’ll end this post on an important note about working with warrior saints. When choosing a warrior to act in your defense it’s best to choose one that you plan on serving for the rest of your life. While this saint may not specifically become your patron, their acceptance to go to battle on your behalf is a sacred contract. This being said, building a band of warriors is a lifelong process and each spirit is tended to with fervor and vigilant dedication, these are your protectors in all things natural and supernatural, tread lightly and patiently.