st marks nyc


So someone asked me recently where @j9andif and I got the inspiration for Within the Wires, and I mentioned that I had co-created a dance piece (Vulture-Wally) with choreographer Jillian Sweeney (also my wife) back in 2013 at St Marks Church in NYC. 

There was one section of that piece wherein Jillian (and dancers Tara Willis, Siobhan Burke, and Lydia Chrisman) created a patterned walking dance. Rather than lean into the rhythm of it with music, we decided to perform it to a poem. 

I thought I had lost that poem bc I couldn’t find the cassette we recorded it on, nor the original text. But I just remembered we had a visual recording of the thing! The video of that section is above.

I was really interested in old school relaxation cassettes at the time, so we went with that motif. And upon writing it & then putting it onto a cassette & playing it out loud, it seemed like one could create a series of relaxation cassettes that told an obtuse, ethereal, poetic story, one that required bodily focus, acute awareness of self to take in the whole story. That sounded hella fun to do, so Janina and I did it. 

And it has been hella fun.