st marks comics

Hello I was wondering since Clairy is an avid manga and comic reader what would her favorite titles be also are the comic shops in the story real places keep up the amazing writing and building this awesome lore — wingknight101

Yes, Clary is an avid manga and comic reader — we see her reading or referencing a few specific titles, like Hellsing, Naruto and Angel Sanctuary. (I’ve read Hellsing and Angel Sanctuary but I have to admit, not Naruto.) I tried not to put too many titles in, because the popularity of anime and manga swells and fades and I didn’t want to date the books too firmly. But yes, Clary is the anime/manga fan much more than Simon.

Like a lot of people, Clary is both a fine artist and a nerd — she references classical painters, but also reads Shonen Jump. In that, she reflects a lot of real artists I’ve known. 

The comic book places — Midtown Comics, St Marks’ Comics — are real places! Both of them carry the manga version of Infernal Devices. :)